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Hello Stars
by Fastone Games

App Category:- Puzzle

Hello Stars is a puzzle video solving game. It’s easy to learn but very diffcult to master.

The job of each level is to guide a ball from a predetermined start point so that it touches all of the stars placed on the level. The ball and nearly all objects on the screen are affected by gravity. The first few levels are almost too easy, but as the difficulty increases you’ll be thankful that you were able to practice the fundamentals of draw. As the game progresses, you’ll have to use all sorts of theory to figure out a solution for each puzzle.


Hello Stars

Hello Stars


The Game Features:
★ Hundreds of ways to solve each puzzle, can you find the best solution?
★ 170 of physics puzzles, more levels are comming soon!
★ Flexible thinking is going to become the key to victory.
★ Solutions can be found in the end of each level.
★ Play 100+ of challenging
★ Interesting physics puzzles, they’re not as easy as they look.



Download Hello Stars  Game:-


Download Hello Stars Game


User Reviews :-


Jesus Garcia
Can be an addictive game but what the hell is it with the ad spam!? Do you want us to play you damn game or go somewhere else cuz that’s way too many to even enjoy your game. Tone it down with the ads please!

Lofton Harmon
A decent physics based game, but due to its intrusive push notifications I’m uninstalling it. I thought It was advertisements at first I just don’t find it acceptable for an app I installed to comedeer 1/3 of my screen without my input. If your fine with that then it’s an ok game.

Great game but so glitchy it makes it nearly impossible to complete some levels due to the glitches.

Wade Schwartz
Intrusion of privacy with your screen overlay ads. Fk them off and people will actually like this..

Sarah Parks
Too many ads, too pushy for reviews, autosyncs with Facebook. Bad app don’t recommend it at all

The puzzles are good but a constant bombardment of adverts, and the “free hints” cost 200 credits.

Rene Khouri
I thought it would be fun, but there are WAY too many ads, and even when you “win” 5 minutes of ad Free time, ads still play. Uninstalled… There are better options! #Disappointing

Calvin Lam
You spend more time sitting/closing ads then playing the game. Really annoying. Forces you to pay to block ads. When you are able to play its addicting

This game is unplayable because of the amount of ads you b have to endure. You spend more time watching ads for other games than actually playing the game.

This game has been advertised on so many sites including so many titles and differing game styles. This game is actually different from all the ads Ive seen and is total garbage comparing to the ads.

Games not bad, fun Puzzles. But the ads are to much. It’s a constant barrage once you do the first few puzzles. Every action I do I get rewarded with a ad for a game that I have no interest in.

App User
Farrrrr to many adverts literally after every single turn.. totally put me off and made me more frustrated rather than interested in the game

cool tricks McRae
This game us just a copy of love balls literally the add is just like it when I saw this game I was in shock to now about this I say get RID OF THIS COPYCAT GAME I love love balls and I can’t believe this game did this to it … SAME ON YOU CREATERS OF THIS GAME NEVER SHOW THIS ADD AGAIN COPYCATS

App User
Too much ads . Then the new update limits the possible ways to clear a level that will only force you to finish it perfectly with 3 stars makes it harder to finish in another way even without aiming for 3 stars . Unistalling now

cory Watsonville
It’s fun but they play an ad in between almost every round for no apparent reason and make you watch a video I get people need to make money but this is excessive

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