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Game of Warriors

By Play365


Game of Warriors is a Strategy TD (Tower Defense) game with a unique style in its genre. Set in a magical world you will have to upgrade your defenses and mighty soldiers to survive and siege enemy territories to conquer them.


Game of Warriors

Game of Warriors

The rival alliance of the evil kingdoms has pushed what remains of the human civilization to a corner of the world, isolated and forgotten, plunged into misery and trying to survive harshly.

Ready the horses, hire your warriors and prepare the spears for battle, the war horn will sound again and our titans will destroy the enemy walls and towers.

The age of dark empires have come to an end, it’s time to recover what rightfully belongs to us, it’s time for revolt, war and revenge!

The warriors claim your name, lord!

Command your gladiators into a battle for eternal glory in this epic clash of warriors.


– Tower Defense (TD) and Strategy game style.
– +1500 defensive waves.
– 4 Heroes to unlock.
– +100 territories to conquer.
– +30 soldiers to upgrade.
– +1000 building upgrades.
– 4 different races to conquer (Goblins, Skeletons, Worgens and Orcs).
– 15 passive and 3 active skills for your general.

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User Reviews:-

-I maximise everything in 3 days, now feel bored. So when will have new updates? Add more difficulties lvl/mapd, endless dungeon, new char or something else

-I love this app. It’s really fun to play and a great time killer. I do think that there is way too many ads and you should get more coins from the places you take over

-It’s not the greatest game out there but its pretty addicting to play. They should make it a little tougher, add different troop types. Battle against other online as well.

-Top down RTS that’s a mobile game? Yes! Is it a pretty good game with good mechanics? Yes! Story aspect? Not the best but it makes up for it by being entertaining! If you like RTS games this is a fun little go around!

-Other reviewers are right, lots of ads, but not completely unplayable. This game is still pretty enjoyable for a stationary/ linear tower defense game. Go ahead and try it!

-Nice siege game, but it’s over way too soon. Once you colonize the 399-level Orc land, there’s no more world to conquer. Great game, but over too soon with a completely unsatisfying end

-Okay game but way too many ads, devs got greedy! I don’t mind apps with ads that reward you for watching, but forcing ads on players constantly after clearing waves is just gamebreaking. Lose interest and patience very quickly.

-This game was fun for about a week. Then it gets really boring and frustrating. I don’t recommend it unless you’re really bored

-Had to amend to 4*, does the company that made the “Game of thrones” soundtrack know your using their music in game? Pretty sure its trademarked guys.. i mentioned having to grind, the games done.. less than 24 hours lol but easy enough i guess

-Doesn’t harass you with payments. Can pay to remove ads with a cheap purchase. Enjoyable gameplay with cool visual upgrades. Not really a traditional tower defense but that’s not a bad thing, overall fun game.

-No add no need of internet connection . The game is superb .graphics are far better than clash of clans . Readers please install the game . It’s fun to have this game in your phone.🎮🎮🆒🆒😎😎☺😃😂

-Love the game but come on we need more content, I am sitting on over 13ml gold and nothing to spend it on I have spent real world money on the game and hope you haven’t just made this and forgot about it.

-I couldn’t able to upgrade the solider tech tree. The values are blank. But other than that, the game looks ok.. I enjoyed playing it till now.

-I thinks its wonderful games but I think we should be able to convert our gems into golds in the bank. It will help to gain more golds so that we can upgrade our buildings, troops, hero’s, etc.

-Great fun if you just want to mess around a bit. Could be a little easier but compared to other games it’s just right 😉

– love to play this it is a very good offline war,kindom etc I’m actually a kid who is playing this amazing game my name is taha I love this game 😎👨💃👍👏✌

-This game need more stuff, it gets SO boring after you finish everything in the map, it would’ve been much better if it had a multiplayer where you invade players

-Would like to have more control over unit in field and there is limited pay to win which I’m not sure if is good or bad

-Addictive. But the game was a bit confusing at first. Shld have made a more detailed tutorial

-So far pretty engaging but the way to win seems to be to spam sword soldiers. Does. It feel challenging enough

-Just started playing. you level up fast. Just like most games the cost of everything gets insane.

-Great way to pass time. Gold is somewhat slow to earn compared to the cost of upgrades but still a great time killer.

-Its very challenging but fun at the same time. I like this game where the other phone games I have played get boring fast.

-I really liked this game so far. But theres can be more ways to get gold, like watching an add

-Please upgrade your game on online players level from which we defeat a other player army

-Alright definitely something to do when passing time. A bit repetitive though.

-Its difficult to earn money and develop much effort you have to done. Not so happy

-It iis a pretty addicting game should a character that you can control in battle unless there is and I havnt unlocked it yet

-Wasn’t as fast paced as I thought. Could have made the upgrades more noticible.

-Awesome gameplay graphics should be better liked easy to conquer at the first day I liked the game easy waves I reached wave 30 9n the first day

-Great t ok me Easter and erg addict invites and you do t have to pay to get farther in the game like some games

-This game is awesome but you have only given us the front gate you have to make it bigger and put an entire castle in it

-It’s good but graphics critically low… Some features should be developed further and things should happen in a story mode

-It is good game of warriors but some times it get stuck It is a good game hope you enjoy it.

-It’s amazing, addictive, great grafics. I just can’t express everything good about this game

-Very good fun in strategy games. But expect more like tough fight bosses and more upgrades with new weapons would be interesting one.. over all nice

-Great game, may need more to it to keep people interested. 2 thumbs up

-I loved it. it is a game like close to clash Royale somehow also art of conquest and boom beach

-It’s good but it is very simple game I think it can be more harder and effective in the next version I think here’s more weapons and some other types like a city and other place for my army same as in the game but more better than now…

-I like it just to many ads and when there goblins at the back of your troops,the troops fall back for no reason. But all in all it is okay

-Honestly I only did this for the tiny bit of gold they offered me in game, but it is a fun time killer. It’s pretty unique, I like the art style. I’d give it like an 8/10 or something like that.

-Maybe there should be a way to control the hero manually by sorta joystick and some buttons and should also improve the heroe’s stats

-I like this game very much .I have played clash of clans from 5 years .this game is also this type

-Addicted..!may be you can develop this game much better specially the skills of warriors and the cool down of other weapons..thank you and keep it up.😘😘😘

-Best warrer game you could play because you need no food to grow your impier and some of the battls are really easy

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