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Faraway 2-Jungle Escape
by Snapbreak


Escape all new temples in Faraway 2: Jungle Escape that are full of new challenges and mysterious puzzles. This room escape game will surely challenge your puzzle escaping ability. Sequel to one of the best escape games ever with over a million players! A room escape puzzle game that will completely challenge your mind, captivate you & offer hours of amazing mobile gaming entertainment.

It’s been almost a year since you started your journey, searching for your lost father. After solving a multitude of mind boggling puzzles, the last portal you went through took you to an entirely new continent full of new temples to explore. It seems like you are getting closer to something and you are continuing to find notes left behind by your father, only now it seems he is not alone. Observe the environment, collect items, manipulate devices and solve perplexing puzzles to escape temple labyrinths.

Explore 18 new temples packed with escape puzzles, Explore a 3D world that will captivate you from the moment you begin. Turn, look and explore mind bending puzzles and contraptions.

Relax to the ambient soundtrack and the easy to navigate 3D world that you will find in an escape game, with an abundance of secrets to discover.

You have many more pages of your father’s missing journal to find, maybe then you will unlock your family’s past. This is an escape game that will keep you engaged for many hours!

In game camera allows you to take snap-shots and save them for later use.

Enjoy 9 free escape levels before you decide to purchase the remaining levels and experience the whole Faraway 2: Jungle Escape story that will leave you impressed.

The puzzle game looks beautiful on new 18:9 phones and also shines on tablet devices. Enjoy stunning and astoundingly detailed graphics that look exquisite.

Enter an all new intriguing environment of room escape games & puzzles with Faraway 2: Jungle Escape!

Download Faraway 2: Jungle Escape from Play Store:-

Download Faraway 2 Jungle Escape Game From Play Store



User Reviews:-

-Great casual puzzle game. The frist 6 lvls are free and easy to get through. Some people are saying that the $4 you pay for the full game isn’t worth it. It’s worth it to me because the levels do get harder and begin to take much longer to solve. Though, as soon as you get the idea for each puzzle they become easy to solve. The further you go the harder/longer the puzzles are. It took about 30 min for the free levels but i’ve gotten another 2 hours out of it since paying for the full game and i still have a few levels to complete. Worth the price in my book!

-I rly enjoyed this game, the only problem is that u have to pay after the 6th level or so. I thought the puzzles we’re good and fun. I know that a lot of people were complaining about there not being enough hints and it is too hard. In my opinion the puzzles we’re simple and fun people just didn’t give them enough time. Good quick puzzle game to do when I was bored.

-Fun but only 6 levels and then you have to pay 3.99 for only 12 more levels. That’s crazy. It took me 10 minutes to do the first 6. So I would have to pay 4 dollars for 20 more minutes. No thanks

-Am I going to be on a adventure?. I think the only way to get me give the game 5 stars is “i got a littlebit confused with the 5th level and couldn’t find a way to get out ( i used help but it didn’t work! So i am going uninstall it. PLEASE DON’T INSTALL IT

-I know that you will not reply. Game is good but i am disappointed after lv 6 you have to purchase whole game this is disappointed in whole game.

-Like its predecessor, the puzzles are too easy. It’s not worth buying for $4. There are way more better puzzles games out there and they’re free.

-It’s a very nice game but after level 6 it shows that you will purchase the game to continue so please full game free mein upload karia please

-This game is played with brain and it help our mind to run because in our day to day life we are dependent on computers and many other things …so with the help of this game we are stressing our mind

-Good enough app for a third of the game, won’t know if the rest is any good since it wasn’t good enough to pay for.

-Never ever played such awesome game loved a lot no words to express thanks a lot for the whole team who made such wonderful game

-Superb game I think everyone one should play this game It gives joy when we pass it Very good game Loved it really superb

-Awesome game! I played the first Faraway and loved it. This one is just as good. The puzzles are just challenging enough, without being frustrating. I like the storyline, too. I just wish there were more puzzles. Hopefully there will be a Faraway 3.

-Amazing game mind blowing game I can’t tell you how much amazing it is please download it don’t be afraid of it that it is not nice but it is so much much much much nice

-only levels at 6 are free and v have to pay about 240 ruppes so i reqest u to plz send us a new and updated version

-This is a really cool game and concept! If I had the 💰 I would buy the full game. Music is also very peaceful.

-One of the best puzzle game for children and adults for spending free time only of you pay Rs.260 as of now

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