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Extreme Racing Adventure
by Minimo

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The time has come, following up our hits Mini Racing Adventures, we listen to all your crave about a real racing game for adults. Extreme Racing Adventure is not the childish racing game anymore, it’s made for real extreme racer, maniacs like you!

The tracks designed carefully day and night by our own hands and more challenging and difficult than our previous game which is intended for children. From bumpy off road track, sandy desert, cliff-like hills, to sloping asphalt. Anything you can’t imagine from other toddler racing games out there.

Extreme Racing Adventure

Extreme Racing Adventure

The vehicles also designed by snobs like us and from our fans as well. We’ll guarantee these beasts will please you to conquer those wild and challenging tracks. And beat your friends too in multiplayer mode.

The development of the game will keep going to the future, so let us know what would you see in future updates. And please let us know if you find any bugs or have any problem with your account, we will back you up. We don’t hire robots here, you can expect to talk with fellow human at
Please don’t use review section to ask about your problem, we could miss reading your review among a lot of reviews.

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User Reviews:-

-A few glitches like while driving..not big but enough to irritate a person. Add a bit more graphics, detail etc and i would give this game a 5 star

-#1 game Ever, if ur team makes more tracks could u make a swamp track and a swamp buggy , there’s no game out there with that in it ur team would impress the world and everyone would make ur team #1. Needs mud and water tracks still #1 Game Ever. Game is starting to glitch car speed slows down.

-The game is great. Great graphics and game play. The vehicles are all good. Physics are good. I don’t know about the multiplayer. I haven’t tried it. The only issue I’ve found is that there are a few glitches in a couple of the tracks. The biggest being on the Slippery Hill track. I made it to 5722m with the mud skipper. If you roll back down that hill for a second try, you fall through the track into an infinite free fall that causes you to lose all of your earnings for that try.

-Has anyone actually finished a track? No check points, no roll over recovery. Extremely fragile car and the only good track that you can actually carry any speed has so many overhangs it renders jumping useless. And for some reason if you car gets lightly trapped on to it just Flys apart. Very frustrating on a Track full of tunnels.

-Very entertaining hill climb like game, graphics are top notch. Ignore the few negative reviews, its actually better than Hill Climb 2….Try it!

-I’ve played Mini Racing Adventure for some time and excited while I found out minimo created this game. It give the same addiction like the cartoony counterpart. While the game is quite challenging, there’s a bit flaw that ruined the fun. Firstly, about the battle against CPU mode, it is kinda felt pointless as there’s no reward if we won from them, unlike MRA where we got extra coin if we reached each 500m first. Second, the hit area seems inconsistent, while we can do air flip and land on vehicle roof and no problem with that, the vehicle breaks if we barely hit the tunnel’s ceiling at certain speed (though it does not

-fun little game of skill, luck, and physics…great game. don’t listen to the review with complainers, they just don’t know how to play the game and get angry easily cuz they suck lol

-Major glitch issue at 5722m on level 2. I keep falling through the map. Done it 3 times already. Very frustrating and losing all my coins in the process

-The game is great! Takes me back to playing silly games on miniclip in ICT at school. Forward and backwards lean could be improved but these are small issues! Love it!!!

-Im giving this a 5 all across the board. Some people just dont want to put in the time to really enjoy this game. The cool part is that there is no end.

-Extreme Racing Adventure is one of the best off-road racing games from the Google Play Store. Minimo is one of my favorite game development teams and I recommend their offerings.

-I bought a new vehicle on here and some extra money and I haven’t received any of them yet and it’s going on 3 days now and I want either a refund my money back or give me my new vehicle and money that I paid for cause if not I’ll raise all kinds of hell from now till I get these items and then I’ll write a good review but until then this game sucks

-Want be to bad if you didn’t have to start at the beginning everytime you died are could flip your car back over

-Good game but amature development, no matter how many track I unlocked, I must play on first track with first car, cause other cars and track does not yield good coin

-WÒO THIS IS AWESOME PLS MAKE THIS GAME MORE COMFERT NICE …AWSOME KEEP IT UP nice hob Keep going👏👌✌👍👍👍reply team members reply me

-Just a suggestion, but when you flip and get the 3 second count down it would be nice to have the option to skip it. All in all though it’s a fun game.

-Great game freazes on loading allot and multiplayer is slow or buggy but over all very fun 😊

-Awesome game. Donot listen to the negative reviews. Its better than hill climb racing. One of d best games

-Need to make controls the same as mini racing with buttons for lean. Brake and throttle lean ain’t nice.

-Good game. But sometimes online multiplayer waiting too long. it’s could be nice if there’s event ofcourse.

-Good time killer just need to makes things a little bit more affordable or give more money

-Takes too long to get enough coins to actually do anything with like new tracks or cars.

-Just an average game , not a good graphics but a time pass game not appreciable…

-I’ve found a glitch from time to time the car gets stuck in the road.

-Lovely car game n little rally game no ads to worry about. And you smart people that made it bravo the game’s looking good.

-The cars keep getting caught in the ramps. Very annoying.

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