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Dino War

KingsGroup Holdings


Introducing a new era in MMO strategy gaming; the war of the future is upon us. The beasts were supposed to mark a new stage of global evolution. But they were turned against us. Civilization as we knew it collapsed. Borders disappeared, governments dissolved and the walls went up. Now every woman, man and child must fight to survive. It is an age of war; Dino War.

Dino War game

Dino War game

Dr. Claw’s beast-fusion tech has evolved a stronger breed of predator, the terrifying soldiers of the New Dawn. Fight back with jurassic giants such as Havoc, the armor-plated T-Rex, or the guerrilla gorilla, Knuckles. Raise your fist and be counted in humankind’s last stand. Join Lieutenant Stryker and the Resistance in the fight for humanity now!


Beasts – Mighty engineered beasts! Control your behemoths with SMART plugins salvaged from the wreckage of GeneSys Incorporated.

War – Crank up your stats, pump out your troops and watch your dinosaurs stomp their way to empire glory.

Alliances – Forge friendships in the Wilds, hatch plans and ally your forces to pulverize your enemies.

Trade – Achieve serious growth by producing materials and trading them with other Commanders.

Survival – Collect items and resources to fortify your Base and legacy. But watch out for your neighbors, they too will do whatever it takes to survive.

Global Threat – The New Dawn grows in power every day. Battle the mutant hunters and foil the sinister plot Dr. Claw is hatching.

Art – Groundbreaking 3D animation and artwork new to the mobile strategy genre.

Story – Immersive new game world of epic proportions, with vivid characters and subplots to explore.

Social – Chat with thousands of like-minded players across the world using the real-time translation tool.

Download Dino War from Play Store

Download Dino War Game From Play Store



User Reviews:-

-Now I will tell you all that the person who created this game is the true number 1 genius. Not only they have cool Dinos wearing battle armour but alas all of them are tamed by a secret group called the Resistance. To anyone new and are reading this do not listen to the ones who hate this game, INSTALL it now!!!!!! And I hope there will be new,bigger and cooler looking dinosaurs in the next update.

-I was one of the first to play this game and I’m still playing. #1. This is the first game of this type where we are not allowed to give resources to our alliance members! This needs to be fixed. #2. Also, the issue of acquiring gold needs to be fixed. Everyone is starving for gold and it keeps people from building and researching. These issues need to be fixed if you want to get your five stars from me.

-I would give it 5 stara but, u can not transfer resorces between alliance member. Also i have bought multiple packs and it doesnt matter how much i buy u guys starve everyone 4 gold. Correct these issues and u will get 5 stars. Also y not make it when u atk someone and take there resources can that not include gold.

-You’ll know the genre type if you’ve Clash of Clans, Boom Beach(etc), the difference is the various Dinosaur’s you upgrade that help you fight. The fighting simulations seem slow as others have pointed out and some of the units are to slow to react to attacking a new target, wether it be intended from their fire rate or not. All in all a pre good game but the concept has been done over and over and i just personally dont like the genre anymore. Best of luck KingsGroup Holdings.

-Great game, I have been playing a week so far and i am really enjoying it, I have met some great people, my only negatives on this game are the rate at which you can make or farm gold… it takes forever to get and need so much to upgrade late game and to get new dino… way to hard I have been trying for 4 days maxing out my lvl3 intels(what is needed to find dinos) and i have yet to find another, if these 2 things could be a little easier this game would have had full 5 starts from me

-Cheers for acting quickly to respond to my email concern, its good to know. Onto the game its good and has a lot to offer but there are other games like lords mobile that are in the same genre which excel as it stands compared to this game. (another but) But with lords mobile there was a lot of unfair gameplay depending on what country you came from so hopefully we don’t see it in this game. I do think that teleports and 8 hour shields should be cheaper or won through hunts and other gameplay as that is the key to get players attacking more, where they can jump into another alliance, attack and jump out, also with the shields it means if people have shields when they are asleep they can sleep knowing they are protected. And thats where we are lacking slightly in gameplay as most who are not geming teleports just get bored, it takes ages to send an attack and by the time your troops get there the other player comes online and moves his troops or shields. Lol. Final point the explore game mode can learn a lot from lords mobile which is something they got right, we need tactics, some more interactive battles in there, instead of just watching a dinosaur and some troops move left to right. I really hope this game improves in these areas so I can invest more time and money into this game, and hopefully it doesn’t slip away because then I’ve got to spend ages looking for a new game lol.

-The gameplay is good overall but there are some issues I’ve come across. As I lead the biggest alliance in zone 6 so I play a fair bit but the game absolutely chews the battery power and its actually probably the worst game I’ve had that drains the power so quickly, the game disconnects me whenever I delete mail or contacts, Gold harvesting is painfully slow especially when build and research requires hundreds of thousands and some millions to build and research. The alliance members ranks close on their own when your trying to scroll through the members. Rallying power is quite insignificant too, the events rewards are particularly poor considering how many points we need to accumulate too. But on a better note the game holds potential it’s just some bugs/glitches and refining that’s holding the game back a bit.

-awesome game . But it cuts out on my Samsung a2 every 1 minute. Then the stupid thing keeps closing for no reason at all every time …. plz fix

-Games pretty legit. Nice spin on this game type. There isn’t as much dino action as I anticipated which is disappointing. Perhaps they can include actual dino troops and not just a dino with a person sitting on it…. Other than that, the map is MASSIVE which is super cool and the action is great.

– just think that it just trash but it have good thing try it out don’t read my comment you guy should put a skip for the button

-Like terminator game but way better! I just got punisher and he looks amazing! This is a game that I force my dad to play!

-Great game a few suggestions for an update on this awesome game can you add more rideable dinosaurs such as stegosaurus,trex,triceratops which are not classified as beasts

– don’t know why there are so many negative reviews. The game is active and the cummuity is helpful and funny. Although i hate the fact the in oreder to change your alliance tag you need 200 crystals. All n All a fun active game 5/5

-It needs some issues fixed, but its a good and addictive game. My main problem with the game, that we can’t protect our troops, and attacking are free. We are slaughtering new players for fun and killing the playerbase because we can. They have no chance to protect themselves if I have a huge army what I can throw at him anytime I want. he can dodge me couple times but because attacking costs me nothing I can keep attacking him whole day untill he quit the game.

-You know I’ve played war games for many years. And always had fun playing. But these Devs don’t care about the gamers. If anything happens they will not help you. I know this from first hand experience. I have rarely had to go to devs about issues that cost me money. (Like 2 times in 5 years) and always had a decent experience and the devs actually tried to help or compensate. These devs will do nothing for you. If ther automated system doesnt find a problem then one doesn’t exist. BEWARE OF THESE DEVS THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU AND JUST WANNA SCAM YOUR MONEY

-I just out random awnsers in the first 1-5 star rating due to me not even being able to GET in the game. The loading bar would get to the “loading base” spot then the game would fail every time. Maintenance or something?

-Gold resource gathering takes for ever! Needs to be fixed! You get 420,000k from bullet factory yet only 4k from a gold mine. Half the time you press the buttons on the screen to command or build and you have to press the button 4 or 5 times before it works. Other then that it’s a good game. Another version of Evony

-Really cool concept, wish it would adapt to my screen size though everything seems a bit crammed. Also it would be cool to add graphics settings for better devices. Besides that though great game!

-I love the game, it has so much to keep you occupied and building doesn’t take as much time as other games. The only thing I think needs improvement is when someone is attacking your base you should be able to counterattack them before they reach your base.

-The game clearly has potential but I’m getting lost in all the numbers and buildings, I feel like their should be a guide on YouTube or something like clash of clans as I real feel like I could enjoy the game if I understood it.

-OK I like the game very much but it keeps exiting the game for no reason and when I attack the dire wolf and am still at level one pls fix it its verry anoyying and I’m just 10 years old like what pls just pls fix it

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