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Delicious Moms vs Dads
by GameHouse

The moms are testing the dads’ mettle in this fun take on an age-old debate! Who will end up victorious? ♂ ♀

We’ve all been there, whether as parents or kids – why aren’t chores split evenly in the family? Why does one person always seem to do almost everything (❗) and, most importantly, what can you do about it? Emily and Patrick face (and answer!) this question in Emily’s newest story, Moms vs Dads! ♂ ♀

🏆 Manage both dads and moms in this fun time management story game!
🏆 Play your way through 60 story levels plus 30 challenge levels
🏆 Get to know the differences between the four couples! Who will you be rooting for?
🏆 Take in six fun locations including favorites like Camp Talon and Emily’s house
🏆 Earn diamonds and build your own kids’ paradise in Emily’s back yard
🏆 Beat daily challenges to earn extra diamonds
🏆 Collect all the postcards and send heartfelt greetings to all your loved ones
🏆 Help Emily and Patrick discover what is truly important in life

Emily is thrilled with her family, but now that she has three kids, it seems there’s 10 times the work! Balancing her work in the diner, her cooking vlog, her chores AND her family is getting harder and harder. When she notices Patrick acting like playing with the kids occasionally is him doing his fair share, she decides she’s had enough! 👶🏻 👶🏽

Her girlfriends all have similar experiences – men who don’t help out in the house unless asked, men who only “babysit” their own kids…. and they’ve had enough! It’s time to ACT, and show them how much work it really is. Can the girls get their men dashing around the house, or will this end up being a recipe for disaster?



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User Reviews:

– I always enjoy these games, they are actually my favorite. I dont like playing only 5 levels FREE and then have to purchase the others that’s what still your joy. The last several games put out has been this way. Disappointingly Im going to uninstall it was fun but Im not buying the game to keep playing. Maybe run a special for the holidays or 2 completely different Delicious games together and maybe we can talk and for $9.99 how many levels are there?

-I want to play the game! I would have even bought the game on my mobile device! It won’t load, it keeps saying I’m not connected to the internet. I’m connected to my wifi and the connection is perfect. I’m also a subscriber to the Gamehouse website. I pay monthly to play your games, and I love them. BUT I can’t even play this game on my laptop because it won’t load there either. I’m so disappointed.

-he game is rather entertaining. As I don’t have any payment method I can’t buy anything but I would watch even 5 ads in a row to unlock new levels for free, though. I don’t think buying the whole game would get you more money than watching tons and tons of ads eventually. Free trial of only first 5 levels from the first chapter is really unfair IMO. I wish the whole first chapter was available on this trial.

-Love your original stories. Keep up the good work! Although the $9.99 is higher than usual I understand how much time and effort go into the making of quality games. Thanks again. What’s next? I would love a new Angela story…..

-I love all the delicious games and never ever had a problem with one in till now. I got to the 3rd stage and it lost all my progress so I had to start all over. Started again and got to the 2nd stage and it did it again in so sick of this cause every time I start to get into it it delete all my progress.Im playing on my Samsung galaxy tablet .Please please fix this issue im dying to get further in the game but it’s impossible when it keeps deleting all my progress.

-Awesome game, early release a bit laggy. 2 errors remain, level 18 Andy goes to see Levi, not Andy (end clip), challenge 4-4, fuzz should be fuss. Otherwise I have to say thank you for letting the men rock it in the end, the beginning was horrifying! 😁

-So I downloaded this new game today,ready to enjoy this game. But I can’t play it. It keeps saying ‘Downloading’ with the word DELICIOUS To Start Playing,cause I’m not connected to wifi. Which I am when I download any games, I don’t get it I’ve also Uninstalled twice and that doesn’t work.. Please fix

-Worth the money. People keep complaining about the price but truthfully im glad they just charge $10 for a quality and entertaining game and don’t nickel and dime you along the way. The effort they put into the gameplay, quality and story isn’t going to be free.

-I have all of the Gamehouse games of Emily and her crew, love every last one, keep it coming gamehouse developers. If you think of another one, let it have Paige and her siblings at least growing up some. Want to purchase the rest of the game, hits the buy button but nothing happens

-I enjoy playing these Emily games. The graphic are great and I love the stories on the family. I wish they could come out with more each month.

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