Android Game ”Bricks Breaker Mission” Download Game apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Game Information, Game by mobirix.

Bricks Breaker Mission
by mobirix

Break all the bricks to clear the stages.
Enjoy the unlimited gameplay with tons of modes and stages.
It is for free and downloads it now!

Bricks Breaker Mission game

Bricks Breaker Mission game

[How to play]
– Fires the ball with a touch.
– Hit the bricks with balls and give damages to the bricks.
– When the durability reaches 0, the brick is destroyed.
– When the bricks come down to the bottom of the screen, the game is over.

– Game with 15 horizontal blocks
– Easy game controls
– Tons of stages
– Unlimited modes
– Mini-game modes
– Use 50 balls from the game start!
– Various shapes of balls such as stars, triangles, squares, and diamonds
– Offline gameplay: Enjoy the game even without WiFi
– Multiplayer supported
– Achievements and leaderboard supported
– Tablet devices supported
– Low-end devices supported

Download Bricks Breaker Mission from Play Store:-

Download Bricks Breaker Mission From Play Store


User Reviews:-

-Addicting, yes. Controls are totally unreliable. A guide to what the damn lighting bolt does or other bonus items can be used for would be nice. Adding the extra balls should be available for entire game, not just one shot. Down arrow to bring bells home should not be front and center, too easy to hit by mistake. Bonus items vs killing game with transporter thing when doing well.

-Plays like every other block breaker, but looks a lot better. The aiming reticle proves highly inaccurate (seemingly at random) and the “gem” button is one press meaning you may lose gems by accident

-This game developer has a great collection of brick breaking games. They’re fun, relaxing, and addictive. They’ve helped me pass time on flights and commuting and isn’t taxing on your phone’s battery!

-It’s cool. Just got bored of it. Maybe will come back to it if I really want to. The only concern I have is the sound. It’s way too loud and harsh even on the low volume.

-After level 200 the game gets too hard and annoying. It’s just not fun anymore. So after 200 levels of enjoyment, I uninstalled the game.

-It’s interestingly different, cool graphics and audio. Subtly more challenging from level to level and no ridiculous pop-ups or annoying ads. I will be purchasing the full version and recommending this company to my friends

-This game is amazing but I think there should be more than just this it gets boring after a while. I enjoyed it at first but now it’s tireing

-Awesome game…. Never played a brick breaker game like this… It is unique that’s why it is highly addictive… It also have unlimited range of level… Other brick breakers are normal and too short but it’s different… Thank you so much guys for making such a wonderful game…

-Its a really fun game. It has twists and turns in it which is really fun. For like… 3 months I’ve been looking for a game which has good graphics and it should be fun. Now I found it😁

-Breathes new life into this tired genre by removing the ability to lock your aim ensuring every shot will move slightly off target as you lift your finger

-This is a really fun twist on brickbreaker. The levels require you to use strategy and logic to get 3 stars. Great game!

-best for time pass for short term if you play for many times you get bored but after some hours and love it

-A run of the mill ball shooter but the power ups are easier to get than any I’ve played. Less ‘pay to play’ involved.

-Game is great and addictive. But aiming is not accurate. I hope update will fix the issue soon. Overall experience is great. Please fix issues soon.

-Great game, exelent graphics, but I do expect it will become harder as the game gets to higher levels.

-This is a very quick game, but once the initial contact is made there is nothing else the general can do

-Game gets repetitive, tedious and annoying once you make your way up to levels 50+. I love prob solving but a lot of the block breaking is random.

-Lvl 126. Doesn’t waste time getting to the point where you are forced to buy in game boosts to progress

-Very nice game person which are telling this game worst they actually don’t know how to play this game (note for person who are telling this game worst :- just Ware the pads ,bra ,panty and just get f**ck your self on footpaths )

-I love this game . Its a big challenge . This game is awesome . You should get this app . Its actually awesome and also fun to play . 🙂

-Very good game. Nice graphics, nice fluidity. Only problem is please implement a better reward system. 5 rubys just isn’t enough

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