Android Game “Battle for Glory” complete review and user reviews, download Battle for Glory game by Yoozoo Global. 


Battle for Glory
by Yoozoo Global

Discover glorious battlefields, while you play as heroes from the land of Sapphire. Team up with your friends and prepare for some epic real-time PVP battles. Battle For Glory offers you a unique Combo of classic MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) elements and more than 20 special Angel Skills for you to choose from. Along with some astonishing graphics, you will be able to choose between heroes descended from the game League of Angels, take control of their legendary power, unite with your teammates, create your own strategy and find your way to GLORY!

Please Note: This game requires an additional download of 150 mb after installation.


※Epic Real-time MOBA battle※
Jungling, team fights, warding, tower push. All classic MOBA elements can be found in the game. If you enjoy multiplayer battles, download now. Strategize your moves and practice your technique to annihilate your opponents!

※Heroes customized for all player-roles※
Mythical creatures infused with some special cultural references from all over the world. Pick the one that fits you and play your role on the team: Tank, Support, Mage, etc. Remember, play your hero for fun, play your role to triumph!

※Various Game Modes are waiting for you※
For 5V5 battles, you can select casual matches for practicing and fun; or play ranked mode if you intend to test your skills. You can also play AI battles, 1V1 battles and fight in a private lobby if you wish to organize friendly battles. Hurry up, pick the one you like and enjoy!

※Be ready for some innovative systems※
There will be no victory without the blessing of Angels on this land! More than 20 Special “Angel’s Skills”, special equipment: customized to empower your skills. Different choices offer you varied game-play. Beware, your actions can be the key to turn the tide of battle!!


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User Reviews:-

-Some much room for improvement the settings is not detailed enough, only last hit option is available… You cannot even change your name, the UI is too blunt or too empty. Improve the hero animation, skill animation. But for this to happen you guys need money, and to get money you need more players, I suggest you advertise your game openly. Take professional advice, one way to advertise your game would be by asking some Mobile MoBA YouTuber and ask the for personal advise on what to improve and so on .. would like to actually see this game improve, I feel as if the map or heroes are in a way too small…

-I play other mobile moba games and i can say that the ui is pretty easy to browse through. Heroes are nice(similar to other rivals). But there is still room for improvement in the gameplay animation, it just looks too dull- the way they run, they way skills are cast etc. Overall, good game.

-You guys need to improve more on graphics and also we need to show the global ranking. I didn’t see any ranking system on your game. Heroes and skill are nice.. Queue options is not good compared to other games. Kindly note that

-1. Please hd audio for the game 2. Golds I earn that isn’t showing up on hero buying screen so, I am unable to buy any heroes 3. You need to add more details to the graphics like Heroes Evolved cause you are using fog map like them.

-Overall nice game. It has a lot of stuff that needs improvement like tutorial, controls, etc. The biggest complaint against it is that it takes a lot of memory on phone and also downloads additional data after downloading app from store.

-Okay. So this is one of the best moba for phone right now. There is room for improvement in the graphics front other than that its pretty awesome. Also there should be a leaderboard. Okay summing it up its very good and we just need more players

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