Android Game ”Amazing Pocket” Download Game, Complete Review, Users Review, App Information, Game by TobinGame.

Amazing Pocket
by TobinGame

Amazing Pocket is a GBA mode manual combat mobile game,whole new game play,amazing moves combination,enjoy GBA pleasure!

Amazing Pocket by TobinGame

Amazing Pocket
by TobinGame

==Game Feature==
–Classic TB manual combat mobile game
–Capture over 500 pets freely
–Thousands of trainer battle randomly
–Having fun of cultivation.nature,base stat,IV are special cultivation way

Improving CF by eveloving your pet into next generation
Horizontal various pet combat mobile game,dynamic enter battlefiled,all under control!
Hundreds and thousands of various types and shapes pets are waiting for their trainer! Dont hesitate!

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Disclaimer :
This is a unofficial elfin games Cartoon app.
Made By pikachu Fans and lover.
We are not affiliated in any way to elfin team trademark owner team cartoon we are not the makers of elfin movie and we don’t claim any relation with them.
This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of “fair use”.
If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn’t follow within the “fair use” guidelines please contact us directly.

Amazing Pocket by TobinGame

Amazing Pocket
by TobinGame


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Users Review:-

-I really enjoy this game and has great graphics too. Some of the Pokémon I have even sound like them the Pokémon from the Gameboy advance games. I do think when you are doing a battle the moves goes fast. Even when using tackle the Pokémon already did it. I’m not sure if I explained it well. But over all this is the best Pokémon game in the market. Thank you tobingame

-The catch rate is like .00000000001%. I threw like 65 pokeballs at Rhyhorn and he only had 9HP, in the red. What is the issue? Btw i still didnt catch him with 65+ balls thrown. Do i need to be VIP P2W in order to catch anything? I should give you guys a 1 star but since its Pokemon.

-Pokemon battle game. The catch rate of decent pokemon is very poor. Can get them down to 1HP and asleep. Use highest ball to catch and u still wont. So hard to find them aswell. Spend 1000s of gems just to try and battle one. For it to run away or kill itself. I spend on a game. I expect ot to be fair for the money.

-Love the game overall, however, I’ve made at LEAST 10 diamond draws and have yet to get the “for sure” epic Pokemon. Until I magically get my epic, the rating will stay 3. If no epic shows within a day or so this will drop to 1 star and uninstalled. Players and developers really shouldn’t have to black mail each other for game play/ratings…. Sad really. I worked hard, why couldn’t I just get what was promised?

-The catch rate is not good when you can actually get on the game. When I actually get to playing then the game crashes. And it basically forces you to sign up for there account thing other wise it keeps popping up to upgrade your account. Other then that it’s a good game that is similar to the old game boy one.

-I love this game it has good graphics and so amazing. But my problem is, my account balance is 250 pesos it is my first time to charge diamond but it says payment unsuccessful but the diamond is only 50 pesos I checked my account and my balance remaining is 36 pesos. Can you help me?

-I’m a big fan of pokemon! Started playing pokemon silver when I was 8 years old! I’ve been searching search game for months and all I’ve found is Pokemon Duel! Thanks to the ads from Facebook, I’ve finally found this game! This game is quite good, I love it, but the control is a bit complicated compare with the pc version. =)

-It won’t even load. All I get is a white screen followed by a message saying the app isn’t responding. I have been waiting on a good Pokemon game, I gave a Google Nexus 5x. Please advise and I will give a 5 stars.

-It’s a Really Fun Game But You Should Add Free VIP To Make It More Fun And Not All People Can Buy Some Dias And We Can Only Play it You Should Add I Suggest It to you Mr Or Ms Because It Will Help Game And The another people who’s playing the And You Should fix the Gold Because its Bugging

-Gameplay gets better as various options are unlocked and I like the auto-battle feature, but the frequent grammar errors hurt the immersion. However I do highly enjoy the game.

-Will there be a new pokemon consisting of basic storyline where u go into adventure. Like pokemon red but with all pokemon. 3d like the roblox. Take this game and add adventure and takeaway alot of this games extra stuff and itll be perfect

-I just started to play this game and it seemed go be going great even with the weird word choices put in for the conversation. Overall I got to say the main problems this game is having is. 1. The servers always seem full, and when you want to play on a different server you have to start all over. 2. Every time you level up the game crashes and you have to reload the game. 3. The Pokemon even the most common ones can be very hard to catch even if you spend money on better balls. 4. Overall lag even when playing on a good connection. If the developers would be able to fix these issues then this would be something worth playing.

-Plss fix this game, i had encounter to battle a Dewgong and use the move Hail and it suddenly stop. I really like to play this bu lt pls do something about it. Thank you!

-I love this game so far, but there’s a bug in this game.. I was battling a epic Pokemon, it use sandstorm and the whole game just crash at there.. I retry it a lot of time but it happen again whenever the Pokemon use sandstorm.. Please fix it..


-The game seems like it could be good plenty of thought into lay out design, but my main problem is that if your going to put Pokemon with gender into the game you’d want to make sure that if someone who’s playing the game hunting after specific genders when they catch them it should stay that way and not change gender after being caught.

-I like this game. I can overlook some of the wording being off here and there, it’s still a great game. I just have one question, hopefully the devs could reply to me… but what is this game’s time zone? When I go adventuring to catch pokemon, the time zone that says I will catch a certain pokemon in, DOES not match my current time zone.

-The game is great but i just have no idea what timezone the game os in. It tells you no time and its obviously not in mine. So i can’t seem to figure out when certain pokemon spawn. Is there any one you can show what pokemon are currently active on each route?

-Game is fantastic!!!!! great graphics, as well as game play it’s just like playing Pokemon on the game boy… only issue I’m noticing is the time and date don’t change and not likening the military time

-Ok this is something I got to say did you get gamefreak and Nintendos permission to have this game from what I hear they do not do well with copyright infringement I’m just asking out of concern last thing you guys need is a lawsuit you could keep the game if you remove anyway of making money on the game but that defeats the purpose of fremium gaming doesn’t it

-It’s a really nice game it remembers me of the old gameboy pokemon games. But it keeps kicking me out everytime i leveled up till it erased my progress out of the know where

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