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Yabi Browser
By YabiDeveloper


Yabi Browser is a small, fast, private web browser for Android phone and tablet that provides best Internet browsing experience. It can effectively boost page loading speed and save data/traffic by 60%, Yabi Browser provides a large number of useful features including, Flash Player, Speed Mode, Full Screen Mode, Incognito Mode, No Image Mode, Trending news and video, etc.

Yabi Browser app

Yabi Browser app

Top features:
★ Save data/traffic
Yabi Browser committed to help you save MBs by up to 60%.
★ Fast search
Get instant results to your searches in Google, Bing, Yahoo,. Even better, the in-page search helps you find whatever you need within website pages.
★ Incognito Mode
Leave no history, cookies, cache, etc. in Incognito Mode. Yabi Browser is the most private browser
★ Safe web browsing
With build-in Block engine, Yabi Browser provides private browser experience and effectively block annoying pop-ups, banners to save traffic.
★ Rich Contents
We providing you trending contents, including hot news, videos, etc.
★ Faster browsing
According to preloading and data compression, Yabi browser raise browsing speed by 60%.


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Download Yabi Browser App From Play Store


User Reviews:-

It’s useful all my past games had a virus and it clear it and delete the game. This app is helpful type in what you want to see and it will tell you if that site, ad or game has a virus.

Thanks for letting me know about the device when I need to clean or boots+so much more features on this app!!!

I love the app I’m new on it and its the first app on my phone that doesn’t freeze

The app is so good and fast to use do i do like to recommend it to some people

Yes this is a very very good app and browser this is alsodpwnload mid apk and hack games

Its amazing app because it is very fast and has many results from a search

It good but I don’t like that speak of your app

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