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Sweet Snap – live filter, Selfie photo

By Ufoto

Sweet Snap is a great edit tool , it takes awesome profile pictures for social media.Use stickers to take photos with them and make different cute selfies!

Sweet Snap App

Sweet Snap App

Why choose our app?
❤ you can take selfies with animal stickers.
❤ add different filters in real-time.
❤ Professional edit tools.
❤ Enjoy recording fun expression package .
❤ It’s convenient to Shoot short videos.
❤ Easy to share.



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User Reviews:-

-It’s so good but Idon’t know there is something doesn’t work very well😢

-Wow, a hand of applause for this app. Its wanderful. I love it

-it is quiet good..i enjoyed it

-It is common in every app there is no speciality in this app

-I think in my life this is the best app 😉😊😋😙😚😄😅😃😍😘🤗🙂 and please do like this app please🙏😁 If I touch the search there was coming only few names please check Sivakarthikeyan Ajith song this needs or not coming in search please check and reply me

-It is a awesome app for clicking photos, its very nice .. Loved it😀😀 I thank the team of sweet snap for creating such a nice app.. Great work done with full efforts Marks for this app 100/100 ☺☺

-I like this game but I don’t play first form I will play in then I will send you मुझे यह गेम बहुत पसंद है मैं इस गेम को बहुत पसंद करती हूं अगली बार भी ऐसा ही गेम बनाना बाय

-I love it, it’s just like snapchat! It’s really good because I can use those filters without downloading a game that I can’t have because of space or something.

-This is the best app ever if you are not allowed snapchat and u only want the filters then download this I love it

-I love this app but i hate it when it comes to finding your face…I hope ya guys change that…..But still I like your Apps thanks for doing this…Godbless yah all💕😊

-Very beautiful app totally loved ot deals with camera perfectly depicting ppl closely .. and very easy to use .. loved it .. its my n1

-I love alot its really good exept that there is always an advert before everthing and it takes a bit long but thats just life. I would recommend this it has sooooo many stickers and cool features 😎

-Love this so much! I love all the filters, please add more!!♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

-It is just like Snapchat is really fun but when are you the animals to do on your face you have to have let it load but other than that it is really awesome I downloaded all of them so my advice is to download it

-I like how you can beauty your self not to much but not that much I love this app I highly recommend this app

-The camera Is good n everything I’m happy that it has the flower crown Snapchat filter what I hate is the lips on it I don’t like that I’d be happy if u remove it😊 thanks in advance ❤

-The filters are cool and stuff but the placement isnt the best and picture qaulity isnt great its not only in my phone but even in ny friends phone the qaulity remains the same

-This app has many many options to choose from not like all others only after you dwnload it then only give you the option 2 or 3 this app is the BEST SO FAR


-Pictures quality and clearly not good And pixels to bed

-Its a good app…but………MY NOSE IS IN UNDER OF THE LIVE STICKERS…AND THERES A BIG PROBLEM…black and white when i take pic…fix it pleaseeee!!!!

-I’m shocked at how amazing this is!!! And that they’re nice enough not to charge for it. Showed a friend, loved it immediately & downloaded it. Keep up the great work!!!!

-Nice app but my phone is hanging when I downloaded it

-I like it and I am 10 years old I really love it how can you send this photo to another person please teach me I am called Margaret Katini

-I think its amazing and fun to use to design your photos and even better they arent stickers they are actual live stickers/filters😆

-I LOVE THIS AAP….. BUT…. FIX MORE Emojis in Effects…… buy the was this is a brilliant aap I am loving it

-This App is just so amazing, so sweet oh my goodness. Thank you very much, I’m so grateful

-This is a nice app but it has many problems that we cannot we cannot make videos properly

-Good but when I make a video, the second day l can’t watched it again ,please help

-I loved this app toooo Their live decorations are too funny and funs In this app

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