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Rajini Mandram
by Rajini Mandram

Rajini Mandram, the ONLY Rajini aware application on the planet. Race to be part of Rajinikanth’s future by registering to Rajini Mandram eco-system.



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User Reviews:-

-Lot of scope for making it better. One basic/important suggestion: APIs from different government databases could have been used to make the personal details drop down based. I can use 10 different spellings for my location/city/taluk etc. Now, you will end up cleaning up the data you collected, and it’s going to be cumbersome. Great start though.

-Hi team, I am a fan of rajini sir and I am glad that thalaiva has entered politics. I would like to get updates ….but the thing is I can’t understand the app language ….please add languages section in the app please

-I Truly Support Rajnikanth Gaaru We want You see You as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu But please Bring Change in Society and eradicate Corruption & Poverty and give an opportunities to youth as well and once the success arrives we want to make this party as national party .

-I appreciate the initiative with the expectation like, creating job opportunities, improving lifestyle of the people, eliminate corruption and support venture capitalism.. no freebies please.. be a good servant for the society

-Please make it a socially interactive application and a bug free one.. constant updates getting published will add more value.. especially when this is the first medium for latest updates on any political decisions… we are with you and we will make you win

-Make More theb This for App Connect Thalalivar..please make some more develop & Live channel..Any Negative command came don’t care..Do our community work… 2021 Thalaivar CM..

-Creative try and let’s all follow. Thalaivaa!!! As a hardcore fan, what ever you do we are with you always without any expectations. Take care of your health and we will rock in upcoming elections. Rest all history!!!

-UPDATE NOT WORKING. It says unable to resolve host and no address associated with hostname. Please rectify the problem ASAP. Magizhchi.

-Great way to get connected !! It’s time for change in Tamil Nadu politics!! Let’s clean the mess we have created !! Let’s unite with this app!!

-Best wishes and thanks for giving new updates. Everyone please install this app and give support to superstar Rajinikanth sir…

-Really good we people of TN look fr a change which only Rajinikanth sir can give . We believe and have truat in you. Thank you so much for connecting us

-Excellent start and excited to see the change for a better future. God bless!

-Good app.. Rajini sir tamilnadu people feeling hopeful after ur announcement.

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