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Peak – Brain Games & Training

By Peaklabs

App Category :- Education, Brain Games

★★★ Awarded by Google as one of the Best Android Apps in 2016 ★★★

It’s time to play smarter and feel sharper with Peak, the app chosen by Google as one of the Best Android Apps in 2016. Join millions of brain trainers worldwide and see what the fuss is all about.

Peak – Brain Games & Training App

Peak – Brain Games & Training App


– Free games that challenge your Memory, Attention, Problem Solving, Mental Agility, Language, Coordination, Creativity and Emotion Control.
– Learn which categories you excel in, and compete with friends by comparing your brainmap and game performance.
– Meet Coach, the personal trainer for your brain, to help you track your progress and improve.
– Works offline so you can enjoy Peak games wherever you are.
– More than 35 games available and regular updates to keep you challenged.
– Get personalised workouts and in-depth insights with Peak Pro.
– Get access to Peak Advanced Training modules: intensive programs that train a specific skill, including the new Wizard memory game created with Professor Barbara Sahakian and Tom Piercy in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge.


Designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience, cognitive science and education, Peak makes brain training fun and rewarding. Peak’s scientific advisory board includes Bruce E. Wexler, M.D., Professor Emeritus at Yale School of Medicine and Founder & Chief Scientist of C8 Sciences, and Professor Barbara Sahakian FMedSci DSc, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge.

The Guardian : “Its mini games focus on memory and attention, with strong detail in its feedback on your performance.”
The Wall Street Journal: “Impressed with graphs in Peak that let you see your performance over time.”
Techworld: “The Peak app is designed to provide each user with a profound level of insight into their current state of cognitive function.”
Selected by Google as Editor’s Choice



Download Peak – Brain Games & Training from Play Store:-

Download Peak – Brain Games & Training App from Play Store



User Reviews:-

Chris Crouch
Upon downloading this app I thought “wow these reviews look great”, I even went to believe the first ones. But then I played the first game. It was called word fresh. It would load the game fine and all until you actually made a move. Once a move was made it would instantly crash the app and reopen to the start menu. I went back and looked for more reviews. It doesn’t matter the phone. This app is very buggy and not worth the download.

Matt Hiebert
Dropping my rating because Pixel Logic is one of the worst games ever released. Also, I’ve learned Peak continues to use battery power even when off. Are they data mining my movements? Why does app stay on when it says it’s off?

Dan Peacock
I Recomend this to everyone. Great way to start the day while improving all sorts of processing abilities. Game scores can be a little misleading at first, as it does become possible to score higher the higher level you get in them, so dont judge yourself off them too harshly.

Kirsten Guffey
Very disappointing. In order to train on a daily basis you have to pay for the subscription. Once you have played a game you can’t train on it again without paying. It was great at first and I really enjoyed it. I assumed you only had to pay for access to the premium training games with was fine with me but I can’t train on anything now.

Geoff Hoatson
Good for the most part. However, some games are basically impossible to level up. For example, on Must Sort, I scored the top 99% of all users at the rank I’m at and yet I’m very far away from ranking up. How does that make any sense?

Dmitri Nesterov
Very super! 😉 p.s. finally had bought it. But the bad news is that I spend less time with this game after purchase. Maybe, that is because I think that it would make me smarter even without work as I had paid the money! 🙂 Great thanks to the developers!

James Ranger
The games are great. There are two bugs I would like to see fixed. The game “grow” often doesn’t work, the keyboard input doesn’t work. There is also sometime a glitch with the videos where you have to watch a video between each game.

Vicki Widdis
The makings of a great app but only if you upgrade and that’s really expensive each month. Not just a small one off price. Offers a free trial when you invite friends to the upgrade version but neither got it. About to uninstall as 2 minutes a day isbt worth it. There’s plenty more brain training games to download.

N Rivera
I downloaded this app just a moment ago, and I had high expectations of it. Everytime I try to start playing, it just gets closed and I have no idea why. I will try to probe it a few times more and see if you guys can fix it, I would really like to play it.

Toni Saunders
I have marked down this app because of the constant problem with the Advanced Training which is anything but advanced! I have complained several times but nothing is ever resolved. After playing for over 200 days I am still asked to find one, two or sometimes three symbols. Months ago I was finding four or five. Do not waste money on this one!

Really like the app. It has some bugs though. I’m using the free version and sometimes the ad videos you have to watch to play more won’t load. That’s annoying. Otherwise, nothing to complain about.

Cassie Mendenhall
Installed for a second time and was quickly reminded why this app sucks. Keyboard doesn’t work on games that ask you to type words, you can’t exit out of tutorials even if you know how to play a new game, and you have to pay to play games more than once a day. Waste of space.

Wolfgang Wagner
Can’t even start it. App crashes all the time when I want to create an account, which by the way I don’t want. But I wanted to try it at least…wast of time

Dana Burford
I loved it, all up until it stopped working. It always tells me there’s a problem with the video. I’m guessing that means with an ad that’s supposed to be playing.. But I haven’t been able to get it work right for days.

Robert Elbourn
It teased me with a “who lied” fun looking game. And too me through tedious motor skills memory games … So I am gonna say. “You Lied!” I love problem solving games but will not jump through hoops or glorified clickbait games to get to the ibteresting ones if they even exist…

Ian Doherty
Downloaded hoping to increase my mental capabilities. After completion of the sign up, I was pit onto the game Wordfresh, shock looked fine until I made one move. After the first move the app crashes, every time, which is extremely disappointing hence to 2 star rating. Please fix the issue and I will amend my rating once I’ve used the app for a little while.

Fabio Baletti
Awesome app. Only downside: after a few days you have to pay or you can do nothing, making it 100% unusable. Not a free app as claimed. Uninstalled.

Jeni J.
I’ve been a paid PRO user now for a year and I’m BORED with the games. If you’re looking for any sustainability with your income from pro users, PEAK, you need to add more games. Otherwise, it’s definitely not worth paying for. Update: Developers have been saying they are “working on new games” for a long time now, but no new games in 2 years.

Joe Newbold
Could be a great app but so much content needs paying for put me off that it’s limited. I understand people have to make money but on this occasion I feel let down and annoyed I even downloaded it

michelle delacruz
June 17, 2018
Very addictive and I can definitely tell the difference. But they need to fix the glitch on grow. As soon as the game starts, when I type, the letters don’t show.

Mustafa Inamdar
This app is not working in my Handset! Its keep on restarting for every time I am trying to use this! I just singed in and started the first test but whenevr I click on screen for answering its directly exits! Please fix this bug plz My handset model is OPPO .F3

Asher Polkinghorne
A wide variety of games that test and hone a number of aspects of the brain. Does exactly what i had hoped, with the added bonus that the games are very enjoyable. It becomes easy to lose track of the time.

Hallie Miller
The games are ok but unless the bugs get fixed this will quickly become a forgotten app. I’m having an issue with the app crashing after I’ve finished a game but just before I’m able to see how I’ve scored. This is very frustrating, please help!

When ever I play the word fresh game it keeps on taking me to the start of the game. Very disappointed.

khalid zahran
Insteqd of wasting time playing stupid games.. this one really improves something..

Some ads crash the app, sometimes I had to view three ads before a game started. Language game Grow does not accept nationalities and some other geographical words, I would not agree that those are not words.

Trish Dale
Addictive! I’m OBSESSED with beating my scores

Diane Gisler
I find myself trying harder to try to out do my last score. Its addictive.

Jean-Sébastien Goupil
My friends can see me, I can’t see my friends. I don’t see how to refresh my friend list. The grow game doesn’t work well on my phone, the letters don’t appear on the screen until I press Space.

Alexander Chevalier
Won’t work on Pixel 2 XL running Android Oreo. Gets to requires word fresh (first game) and crashes as soon as you touch it

Ryan McHutchon
Great app to get the brain going in the morning. One piece of feedback though guys, is please in the next release, stop the app from continuing to run in the background even after the workout.

Marilise Sleigh
I love it. I don’t waste time or money on apps… But this app is worth my time and money… Even if you just enjoy the benefits of the free version. I enjoyed it so much I paid – so damn worth it.

Kaleigh Fiddler
Awesome selection of mind stimulating games and the pro version is also very much worth it, in my opinion! It has ads in the free version which is normal, and expected when getting it for free, but not in excess. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys brain games and definitely starts some …

William Bradley
Loves the app, you don’t even need to pay for anything to get good results. Many great features and positive little notes throughout the games.

Dhairya Roy
All of us workout our bodies but what about our brain? It’s the brain that controls the body, right!!! Working out my brain with peak has been such a cherishing experience, I feel fresh, energetic and my brain feels sharper. In short this is my brain yoga, a great addition to my meditation. I recommend the pro version as it has all the exercises…

Baruch Promislow
I like my daily workout. Makes me feel like I am keeping my brain fresh. I don’t know anything about the science so I can’t review it.

Lyndsay Dickson
App keeps crashing any time I try to play a game. Not worth your time.

Jay C.
I literally sae the payment come out of my account last night and now it is saying im not a pro member. fix it please or give me my money back for this month!

Advanced Gamerz
I payed for a subscription and it keeps coming for an error i payed £3.99 and it says payed and wont let me pay anymore and it will not let me play for the service i PAYED FOR I am ABSOLUTLY FURIOUS

Dan Charles
App keeps crashing when I try and play the first game after signing in. I select a few letters in the word search and as soon as I release my finger, the app crashes and re-opens : just to do the same again!!! PLEASE FIX!!! 😤

I did like peak but have done the friend referral and have not received pro. Have messaged peak 3 times and had no response. Very disappointing.

Maelee Barth
This is a good app that I use to keep my brain sharp, although it has a bug where sometimes when you score high enough to level up, it doesn’t register and it will say maybe next time which is fRuStRaTiNg

Charlotte Di Veto
I downloaded and installed it twice. I couldn’t even sign up. It glitches at the age and gender section. It keeps requesting it. It won’t let me choose a different sign up option either.

Samantha Henry
June 18, 2018
I like the games and the concept of the app, but I hate that you have to pay for the “whole” experience. I dont get an app to play once a day

Kari Kruger
Love it! I literally feel smarter for using it and it’s a great way to spend a few free minutes daily. The way they code your results is also awesome and great price for a year’s subscription. Thanks guys!

Deepak Kumar
I looked at the ratings and downloaded it but the stupid app crashes the movement I start after installing and keeps restarting.

damagedproduct UK
I’ve had the same experience with the app crashing on the first test. The score I’ve given is based on the iphone version.

David Hamilton
The tutorial crashes and restarts every time. On the first game. As soon as I make a word. Frustrating

Chandrababu P
June 10, 2018
Hey this app really love it its changed work to Brian, not’ improving one day i have try lang day

Anthony Burkett
keeps crashing on Android 8.0 LGv30 thinq during first game, unable to select any words.

Jack Stella
This app used to be amazing, but now it’s impossible to use because of all the ads and stupid pop-ups

Ardo Kusuma
On Android O, if you put Peak on the background by pressing Home button, it keeps showing notification that Peak is using battery. And it’s true. My battery drains so fast and I’m not even using it. Uninstalling. Putting 1 star because of this. Battery conservation needs to be priority these days.

Cubic mazer 26
I really do like this app, but if you really want to practice you need to pay money which is really annoying for minors like me …..

David Hicklin
Keeps crashing on first game you do the first move and bam app closes and then reopens from the start

Stephen Locarinas
exercise for the brain. Now with social component… Been a long time user… Even for the free version it’s useful ongoing.

Henock Mukeba
Day-in-day-ouy after I train with Peak, I feel like my brain is getting more agile

Games are fun but simple to learn and progress to higher difficulties very smoothly, there is one or two exceptions that I feel are frustrating but overall I’ve hugely enjoyed the app

Sunil Singh
The app doesn’t work. It keeps crashing when you start the first game.

Timothy May
This is an app that translates to real Iife. I apply the focus ,memory and decisions to my tasks . all i cant say is it is addictive fun and useful.

Galina Iassinski
The puzzles that makes you think! I do feel the tremendous improvement after my head injuries and surgery!

Renata G’
So far so good, English is not my native language, but I find some exercises useful

Jan Chester
Too bad you added all the ads no fun anymore

Daniel Speelman
Keeps crashing when I play games I’m using galaxy s8+

Vijeta Poojari
Graphics used in the game is super cool and game looks simple but it has long lasting impact and every day a fresh set of games makes it more interesting and effective

andy pitt
One of the best brain training games that ive played, esay to use and i keep going back to it and no bugs, well done guys

Rebecca Lynn
The app keeps crashing and restarting. I can’t even play it.

Lisa Wilson
App kept crashing during the first puzzle. Gave up and uninstalled.

Vinh Thanh
Hi peak , i have purchased black friday deal ‘s wizard training but somehow the app won’t allow me to play the game , please help check.

Morag Hunter
This helps keep my brain active I like that there are different challenges each day

Carrie Metcalf
Very rare glitches, lots of variety.

Shelby Meyer
App crashes every time I start a game.

Peak – Brain Games and Training is a great challenge for the mind! Enjoy the challenges!

Bobbi Taylor
It would be great IF once you view an ad it didn’t kick you out or not allow you to play the game you’re wanting to play.

al leeper
keeps crashing as soon as I try to use it..

Jyoti Dhasmana
Please make the app stable . When I am opening the first game and just making the word it doesn’t responds just shows the app isn’t responding.

Andrea Endre
My device is running on Oreo, once I exit it the app doesn’t close. It needs to be Force closed.

Scott Brown
Very helpful with my memory issues from a traumatic brain injury.

Patrick K. Walsh
Some of the controls on a game or two are fidgety, but overall a well done series of brain games.

You get to play like 2 games and then they want you to pay for everything else.

Philipp Leithold
It’s a great way to get your brain up to speed with simple fast little games.

Meghan Booth
App crashes after 30 seconds

Marcin Wolcendorf
Takes eons to start. Downloads some huge files without asking. Can cost you a fortune in roaming.

Matthew Reeve
Great app, marks progress and comparison to other users wonderfully. I will keep using it for years at this rate.

I couldnt even play it the ap just kept closing itself when I answered the first puzzle

stephanie habeel
Like the game just not the fact you have to pay to advance. Price is too high.

Omega Rae
Mandatory M or F gender options, I don’t think so. Hard pass for me dawg.

Timmy Horan
Overall a good free brain game too. I’ve been doing it for about two months and I notice improvement

callum white
I love peak. Its usually fairly fast and responsive. You also get better quickly by using it often.

Arpit Chhabra
I subscribed the app. It wasn’t bad. But now it won’t let me unsubscribe!!!! 4 star if I get to unsubscribe

Desiree Orosz
I look forward to playing everyday! I might actually pay for the upgrade eventually 🤣

Sheryll Grobler
June 17, 2018
At some point I will certainly have to get the full package!

Nikolas Danilicev
Суперская прокачка, игра на высоте.

Ann Dinnage
Love playing the games and enjoy the challenge. Would like to see a few more free choices 🙂

Richa Bajpai
App crashes everytime on playing

Jihan N
Everytime I started a game the app closed out and then reopened.

Robin Trelz
Great app! I try to play it daily. Great way to keep your brain in top shape!

Pedro Ramirez
You don’t choose the games. They choose them for you … Based on what? Idk.

I enjoy the 6 free games a day. They are fun and get my brain going.

Chloe Knight
It is amazing to know how my brain works thanks for the mini lessons that help me 🙂

Vibhor Maheshwari
It’s simply amazing. One who designed this app must be one heck of a genius

I love Peak ! The best brain app that was ever created.

Vasilis Birb
Great app,!very clever, sharpening the mind!more preferable with less advertisement.

Samantha Maskey
I think it’s great but it pushes the pro version WAY too much

Jandzeela Tompkins
It’s basically pay to play. Don’t be deceived, it’s only free to download.

didnt work

One of the best brain training apps I have come across.

Alexandria Heim
Great brain training! I literally feel smarter already

Eliza Berezina
Very good brain training. Not boring and helps to distruct in a good way.

The games are fantastic and its so addictive! Love it 😁

Teresa Pulford
Quick and easy to do every day. Good fun

Marla Baqker
Very works great. Games are fun and challenging

Nafisa Anjum Pimi
impressive even for a non game buff like me

Naga Prashanth
It’s a fantastic game in it’s kind to activate your Brain

Markus Pahl
Doesn’t load at all…

Arif Othman
nice game.. can open maybe 7 game per day..

Kassandra McMahon
I’m really enjoying the variety of games.

Linley Cormack
Has a lot of variation, enjoy the challenge

Leandro Souza
It’s a nice app, I love it

Damaris Miranda

neha garg
I think this is really a very nice

Kayla Prater
Like the games. Easy to understand. Good challenge.

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