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NeuroNation – Focus and Brain Training

By NeuroNation

App Category :- Education, Brain Games

🏆 Awarded with Google’s ‘Best Apps of the year’ prize! 🏆

NeuroNation – Your personalized brain training. Honored with the “LEONARDO”, the Health Award for Digital Prevention supported by the
Federal Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Research.

NeuroNation App

NeuroNation App


✓ 28 fun exercises and 7 tailored courses
✓ Deep insights into your personal strengths and potential
✓ Personalized and scientifically developed training
✓ Precise peer-group insights – know where you stand right now
✓ Engaging gameplay and frequent new exercises


✓ Stay Focused
✓ Sharpen Your Mind
✓ Improve Memory
✓ Think Faster
✓ Achieve Success


A team of neuroscientists from the Free University of Berlin and training experts have been working on that topic for the last 7 years. They
have been concerned with the question of whether the human brain and especially the working memory can be trained and strengthened.

After intensive research and development, we finally are happy to present the results: NeuroNation Brain Training Courses. It unites tailored
exercises with an effective concept, which trains your brain as engaging as a game. The app provides an algorithmic “coach”, similar to a
personal trainer at your gym: it recognizes your strengths and potentials and creates a personalized training plan accordingly to your
specific needs.



Download NeuroNation – Focus and Brain Training App from Play Store:-

Download NeuroNation App from Play Store



User Reviews:-

Varshaa Dhuwalia
It is fantastic to not only be able to see your strengths and weaknesses but also be able to see the percentile you’re in. Unlimited access to three types of challenges per day is extremely beneficial for one to go back and attempt the trainings with new and improved strategies each time. Daily leader board acts as a motivator for me. Great job, team NeuroNation! Will edit my review after using the app for a few more days.

It’s truly great app. The premium mode has gotten me, but it works well in free mode as well so i’m glad. I like how there are lots of various games to train your brain, your strengths and also weaknesses


I dont like new design Iam sorry but it looks very technical,unfriendly menus. Who wants competetion with the word? It’s intrussive,business trick to support app. An interaction designer should reconsider last update… I finished interaction design recently and this is what told us not to do! We should have a choice of versions. I paid for something else. I want the version of game before last update or money back! Hello, I paid for this app and don’t get any benefit. You have swapped to monthly payments, OK. I wish full refund I paid. I paid for full version in the past. Now, you have change policies and violate customer rights! Please refund me money to Google account.

BK Ramzi

😍 Great app. i love it. Simple of use and contains various mental exercises. As i always hated to memorise things now i have a week memory, so it helps me a lot to play it hoping to train my brain remember things better. I would love it even more if it offered arabic translations, then i thought to recommend it some one close to me but he does not understand english. I am ready to help translate it if you need. For free 😊

Tricia Brue

Thankfully it starts slow and builds. Very challenging and interesting. It’s really nice to be able to see your progress. It does help me learn more things and I can see that I’m using it in my daily life. Thank you 😀🎵

Matt Paul

I think that this app is one of the best ones to train your brain in different tasks. There are quite many tasks either to choose from, or to make challenges. Don’t forget, that you can get better only on this tasks and will not mprove the other ones in your life that much.

A user

Love this app! I subscribed on web and can access my account from different devices. It gets harder as you make progress but goes back to lower difficulty if it’s too hard. Lots of different games to train logic, math, memory, language… It’s also available in multiple languages, you just switch language in Profile.

David Ajamu

In my opinion this is one of the best (if not the best) brain training and development apps. I really enjoyed the games, helped keep me mentally fit. Good work guys.

eli minatorism

Die App begleitet mich schon länger und hält mich fit im Kopf und ich steiger mich wöchentlich. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Spiele zu “Verbal fluency” in Deutsch zu spielen, wenn das Handy auf Englisch eingestellt ist?

Chris van Zyl

Only two stars because the synchronization between this app and the laptop/browser version seems to be non-existent or dysfunctional. Background: I bought a sub and did a number of exercises on my laptop. Aftrr deciding to try it on my tablet i installed it and logged on, expecting to be able to complete a daily session on either the tablet or my laptop, with the results being synchronised between the two devices. Bahnhof! (No such luck).

A  user

It’s a small thing, but I miss the option to review the instructions for an exercise when I haven’t done it for a long time.

It’s a great addition to any morning routine! Quick 10 minutes to get my mind right

Thank you soooooooo much this actually helps my brain and please keep updating and making apps!

Jake Wiebold
Fun games that test memory, focus & attention, as well as other areas of the brain. Lots of marketing for the premium but nice app overall

Larry Parker
So far, I like the way it keeps challenging your mind. The levels of the excercises keep going up, so you are always challenged. The excercises are fun. Thank you.

Zack Hagan
Haven’t been using it for long but I really feel the affects of thee challenge. I’m on the path to excellence 😎

Jeremiah Kalb
I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t get into it.

Levie Yung
I’ve noticed huge improvements in the way I digest informations on different platforms. Kudos to Neuronation

A Google user
I like NeuroNation because he help me learning math 😍thank you NeuroNation

vincent teo
I purchase this lifetime membership 2 years ago it was working fine until recent update it became a premium feature

Leandro Soneja
the best. This helps me to concentrate better. Please continue adding more exercises.

Mojopahit Gapura
Interesting to have relax and enjoy for killing time

Smart study With RJ
Excellent app must download .It should be editors choice

Ali kaze
i like these game but it lack choice to train weakness or your strong point

ogunlusi abiola
Very fun and interesting forms of challenging exercises to train with

A Google user
The standings are not in order according to the points after the last update

Yudha Prasetya S
Good apps, it’s very usefull for student like me

In His Image: Jesus Christ Is Lord!
Excellent app to keep your brain well tune!

Het Batashna
This app is best for everyone app And Brian Power full

Yevgeniy Valeyev
I have results in 3 days, very useful

vince Hulstaert
Great brain trainer. Mind is already improving, with faster response than I used to have

Needs to make an improvement and should not charge money

Fatema Hakim
Fun brain games! 🙂

Karen Nichols
Stressful in a good way!

Araroba feragon
Discovering my intelligence ,AWESOME

It is aweeeeeeeeeeeesom 3y3 kama paaah yei

Not every one can pay..

I liked it gud app

Rusdi Septian
You have to try! Worth it

But many levels are not opened

Anahad Nigam
Really very good and helpful

Jeremiah Adebowale
Well prepared application.

Marius Kruger
Enjoy competing with friends 😃

I think it’s addicting

Naithan Eid
Gets me thinking i love it

Elsa Lefetey
Like it so far

It works, it’s fun, and I don’t need WiFi

Radhini Narayanan
Just started using it, so far so good

Margad Togtokhbayar

Dilip Rehan
No word to say. Worth downloading it

It, good for training your brain

Rokesh P
Great app to improve cognitive skills

Very boring 😕😕😕

rawb demall
This app is simply awesome i love love it

nice app to train yourself

maran n
I am enjoying it.

yuni miarsih

Kari Ingram
Fun and challenging!

ajaya moharana
Very good apps

vijayata yadav
Very nice app

Sudip Akhuli
Best memorizing app


Keevan Theunissen
Simply genius

A Google user
The best

Natria Ratnaningtyas
Great app

Very good

Muhammad Alfizar
Great app

Is perfect

Nk Nk

Vinod Kumar Kuldeep

ichsan alamsyah

Brian Bourassa
Requires registration to use, which makes this a “no-go” app despite its great potential…

่ Natan
Cant open the app in the latest version, help, i paid this app not because of this

Pratt Neo
great app!!!

Cassiano Dantas

Luri G Wara
Good app

martha diaz

Amir Sharif
The games are good and researched but the app needs work. It has some bugs and keep asking me for a 5 star review even when I already gave it one. So I’m docking the score down to 3. Docking score down to 2. It gives me a review of best of the week every monday- this isn’t useful or interesting …

Sam Paech
So boring in my personal opinion. I can understand why alot of people enjoy it but it’s got a little repetative for my liking. I also would advise anyone who likes it to buy the premium version. Much more options, can link through google play etc.

Doc Canoro
I admire people that make apps like this one, they are very well thought, definitely worth buying it. However, there is one detail, when the app starts it says it has problems connecting, I assume it has to do with the server that handles subscriptions, I would love to buy it but it has problems…

muhammad ahtsham
Compared to other brain games it classifies cognitive traits much more, it really seems to be backed up by a scientific university, the games though don’t seem appealing compared to other brain games, but the way they exercise the brain is excellent. They also have a better method of measuring c…

Jayati Thakur
I paid $21 for this but still can’t access the premium products…and more over can’t even get a refund… bloody cheats!!!

Tobias Essiger
Bin seit langen Jahren mit Unterbrechungen Kunde und bisher sehr zufrieden. Mit meinem erneuten eintreten in die Neuronation sind mir jedoch einige Probleme und eher negative Verbesserungen entgegengetreten. So war die Visualisierung der Fortschritte und Vergleiche, etc. als Kurve wesentlich nac…

Tim Lai
Challenges brain, better than nothing. Be prepared to tire yourself.

Eu amei o App. Ele tem vários joguinhos que realmente ajudam a melhorar a concentração, memória e agilidade.

A Google Phenomenal for brain and memory training. A+

Solitude Michael
Very creative!!!! Please allow free game’s to be unlocked

Ryan Basso
It is a really fun game! It has nice, easy controls and is helping me with my memory and focus! I reccomend to everyone!

Dragnarox Dragnarox
This is awesome, but you must have an option to allow the users to change of the goals. Please. Thank you 😀

Marco Polo
Хороша програма, але час від часу мертво висне на різних пристроях.

Francois Ed Vescounte
Good games back up by neuroscience

Ramesh Nayak
One of the best apps I have seen for brain training

Rs Cruz
Great exercise for the brain!

Darcy Whitmer
I am noticing that it helps me think clearer and more logically the more effort I put into it.

Mariana QiQiAna
This app help me a lot to improve my brain and very attractive.

William Sawley
Maybe 5, depending on how it progresses.

Mohamed khaled
Love it .. amazing 🙂

I like thes app

I think this game is like a tooter at home. (That is a compliment)

Jack Martin
Last update broke it

An excellent resource!

Ajidia rahman assidiqi
Good but please add some music or sound to this app

Marcko FC
Just fine! 🙂

Joshua Lloyd
I love how it helps me associate in real life.

Kenneth Gilbert
Excellent way to exercise the ‘ol noodle.

Alejandro Ocando
Excellent game, i enjoy it so much

Олексій Ткаченко
Very nice app

sabrina dahmani
I like this app it’s very useful

i’m Your Oppa
great & fun!

Ybalane Thainna
It really helps to gain focus

Adam Kureshi
Great for a quick brain workout!

Putu Bagus W
So refresh

Bourack Bourack
Goooooood app try it to know

Zack Dross
Really good app Thanks

I love it .nice game😍😍

Joseph McCarthy
Love becoming smarter.

Oezge Sebisteri

Wonderful learning app

Mohamed Abd el wahab
So creative program

Ferdy Londong
Woahhhh this nice apps

Anshuman pandey
This is good for brain

supriya jain
Great improving techniques

Good for brain training

Adriane Rivka Bernstein
Challenging and enjoyable

Very good

Sean Hundy
Is good

Sap Rudin
good application

wilson Infante Padilla

Kathleen Cunningham
The app is pretty good over all, however the word choice games could use a whole lot work in the English version. They do not give credit for real words if the word I come up with wasn’t the word the program was looking for. As a writer and avid reader this iratates me. If the devlopers can resolve …

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