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JioMusic – HD Music & Radio
By Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.

JioMusic provides truly Unlimited Ad-Free access to HD music in your favorite language without any barriers. Listen & Download your favorite HD Songs without any additional charges unlike other music apps. Listen it anytime, anywhere.

JioMusic App Logo image

JioMusic App Logo image

From latest Bollywood songs to hard to find Golden Classics, JioMusic comes packed with 1Cr+ songs covering across all languages, genres, moods and artists.

With a never before True HD Quality music (320Kbps) and beyond, enjoy a vast catalog of music library spanning across languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Odiya, Urdu, Assamese, Carnatic, Hindustani and more for all occasions.

Enjoy Ad-Free songs with Unlimited skips from a wide range of categories like;
+ Eras – Golden 50s, Classic 60s, Nostalgic 70s, Melodious 80s, Flashback 90s, Chartbusters 2000s & Super hits 2010s

+ Genres & Moods – Cheerful, Romantic, Party, Kids, Rock, Pop, Qawwali, Workout, Hip-Hop, Ghazals, Dance, Party, soulful, Jazz and more

+ Artists – AR Rahaman, Lata Mangeshkar, Arijit Singh, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle, Mukesh, KK, Sonu Nigam, Amit Trivedi, Alisha Chinai, Jagjit Singh, Bhimsen Joshi, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ghulam Ali, Adnan Sami, Anup Jalota, Shreya Ghoshal, Mohit Chauhan, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Shankar Mahadevan, Kailash Kher & more

JioMusic Features:
+ Comprehensive regional music packaging
+ Download songs and Listen Offline
+ 1-Touch Ad-Free Curated Radio with Unlimited Skips
+ Smart Recommendations
+ High Quality HD music up to 320Kbps,
+ Curated Playlists based on Artists, Eras, Moods, Genres etc.
+ Exhaustive Song Playing Options
+ Sync downloaded music across devices
+ Player Queue: Re-Arrange songs, Create your own player queue
+ No Ads, No interruptions
+ World’s 1st: Tap to Play or Tap to Queue options in Settings
+ Light & Dark theme options
+ Equalizer – Bring out the DJ in you – By customizing listening experience with audio modes (Supports Select Smartphones)
+ Connected Devices: Supports Android Wear, Pebble Watch, Bluetooth speakers etc.

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User Reviews:-

-Jio is the best network. But you are increasing its prices after every 3 months . Please donot do this . Your 303 plan for 84 days is better than 359 plan for 84 days. Why you are making it higher and higher . Now i am thinking that i should choose vodafone or airtel because whether its plans are high but it doesnot increase their plans after 3 months . Please fix otherwise there is decrease in your users.

-It’s a good app! Need lot of improvement like creating offline playlist or a folder of our choice songs. Need to jump to the last song in download list with a just click rather than scrolling!! Improve the home page and easy search option. & from today morning can’t able to download any songs? Is all the downloaded songs will be saved at Internal Phone Memory or SD Card? Wan to know? Thanks

-I like the app as it provides awesome collection with free download. But deleting one star as I have observed an issue. Being an Android developer myself, would like to give an advice: if the user has switched on offline mode, then please donot check the network as even in offline mode , it checks the network and music gets interrupted due to that.

-The best music streaming app ever!! I’m a crazy music fan and I love Western & Indian songs and this app has a great collection of all types of songs! Not only is it free, but the quality of the music is also excellent and we can download them also! Everything is awesome in this app!! JUST ONE SUGGESTION – Please give listeners the option to delete one particular song from a downloaded Playlist instead of deleting the entire Playlist and then downloading it again without the song which we don’t want!!

-Was one of my favourite music app few days ago. It was excellent for offline playing as well. But since last update i am unable to use the app properly at places where my jio network or internet speed is poor. The app takes decades to even launch at such places. & its impossible to open the app while railway or flight journeys where no network is available. Please fix it.

-At first I thought the comments about the Phone being heated up was just in few cases.. But now only I downloaded the app and In just 20 min of playback my device got warmed up… This doesn’t happen even if I play Asphalt xtreme… So please jio don’t ruin this wonderful app

-Things were going good until this LAST UPDATE! After the update the app never opened at once, moreover the app along with my phone stops working right after the jio music green page and there’s a blank grey page showing up. Need to re-open the app quite a no. of time to finally start listening. Gosh!

-App is good. Music quality is pretty good 👍👍👍, dark mode 👍 and best part is no ads👍👍👍. Telugu songs collection is not complete – missing very good albums/ songs 👎👎 Playlists in telugu needs a lot of improvement , mostly old songs listed. The new playlists does not have the best songs listed. 👎👎👎. Please put some quality effort and people with good music sense on the playlists and refresh them regularly.

-This apps has super sound quality. But this app does not have all songs mostly the new release songs (like aksar 2 movie songs which is now trending on youtube)…and there is lot of old missing movie songs ever the movie also no found in there list. And also there is no option to requests any songs. Thats why i give 3 star.

-I was using this app since long and it worked really well. But after the latest update this app has become worst. Songs stop playing in between, if I open another app while song is on, then song stops. App stops suddenly making it very irritating. Plz fix this ASAP. Else need to use other music app now 😞

-Most battery draining app I’ve come across. I only listen to downloaded music, and even if music isn’t playing, it eats lots of battery by running in background, after one update got rolled out, I’m facing this battery drain issue in my Moto G5 Plus. Wouldn’t recommen using it. Please fix this issue. Overall good app if the issue is fixed, or else would recommend avoiding it.

-Song list are awesome, I wanted to give 5 but giving 3… I have been seeing my phone screen while playing the song. The songs stops if I minimize the app, or if I open other doc’s,what’s app or Facebook. It does not allow me to do multi task on my smartphone.

-It was good that you are providing songs for offline…that’s good I have noticed some bugs….. 1)Equalizer is not working 2)It takes too much time to skip the song even in offline mode… Please consider bugs and give us update…. Hope you will fix this problem soon and give us an update…

-It consumes power like drought soil consumes water. Plus. When playing a playlist music stops after every 2/3 songs. Then i have to unlock my phone and then it starts loding and play . Sometimes it stops just after playing 1. . sometimes opening the app from recent screen lead to a blank screen, when i have to restart the app. A lot of other bugs too. Need a lot of work. . Good luck jio. I hope this will improve.

-There is a big bug right from the beginning. Don’t know if they know ir not . When we play songs the next song is not automatically playing . It just stops once the current songs ends and we have to manually go and click the next button to play next song. I installed it now .

-JioMusic has came a long way and it is the best music streaming platform to stream music and I will subscribe it even when it will be paid. But there are little bugs here and there like when i open jiomusic every time it don’t open at first click then i have to click on it again to open and once i searched on jiomusic app i have to go back and search again, i can’t just override already written search text.

-Music clarity wise i will rate 5 out of 5. However, if you play a song from an album. It is not playing sequentially. It is playing randomly, i mean it is directly going to some other song which is not related to the album. This is really frustrating. Kindly focus on that, so that we can enjoy uninterrupted music.

-Now you have a whole lot of bugs to be fixed. The player stops suddenly. Sometime while playing in offline mode the music stops eventhough it shows its playing the song for which the player needs to be stopped and restarted.. Please fix these bugs and it should be fine once again

-The equalizer stops every few minutes when the app is in background. Causes inconvenience. And when you search for songs or artists, the “tribute to the singer” versions appear along with the original tracks. I would love for it to be in a different section and not in the artist’s album.

-The basic actions of a music player don’t work well. You can play and pause easily but it will take about 30s-1min for the player to switch songs. And the streaming stops after playing 3 songs. You will have to manually unlock your phone and press play for each song in your list.

-Sir, this app is extraordinary.This app is only one which has download facility without any cost. But after August update this app became more battery draining app. I don’t know the cause. So please update the app soon and make sure all users will enjoy the whole app experience

-Hello., Jio music pretty good but sometimes it doesn’t work properly. I installed new version but same problem… Like old version it doesn’t open .. i would like to share my review again, i downloaded lots of musics om jio music but after played one or two songs its automatically stoped

-I am really sorry to say this but Relaince is only alive since it’s an Indian Company. It has nothing innovative nothing new thought, just spend money like crazy and fingers crossed. This is a pathetic app. The songs are not enough, some random tribute songs are also there. It’s like only Baby Boomers are working in their company. The design is slow and not smooth. Plus the interface feels like it’s struggling to pull like a Pentium 4 processor. Seriously Man, improve your stuffs.

-The previous version was better… The newer version became too buggy to handle and the playback stops when i move into other app… C’mon man i can’t stay in this app forever listening only the music…. Fix the bug for this amazing app… Don’t ever ruin it with these bugs

-Jio has completely ruined the app. Songs are not playing correctly and the app has become a non responsive. It won’t play more than 2 songs and gets stuck frequently. Disappointed with the update. Please revert back to the original version

-It is suppose to be good app. Good presentation of music. But contains lot of bugs. I have to wait a lot to open this app. I am unable to play the songs which i downloaded bit earlier. I am also unable to control jio app though notification bar. Earlier i gave it 4 stars but with the occurance of all these problems i am giving it 2 stars only.

-Please give an update. 1.Player is too bad to use . 2.Most of the songs are in every play list. 3.Can’t a delete a song in a album, playlist, and in offline mode. 4. Queue is not working properly. 5. Notification panel’s player also not working. 6. Jiotunes for popular songs are not also available. Totally this app needs everything to be redone

-It’s causing heating issues. None of the apps are doing this. My phone is Nokia 6,it has got a mediocre processor ie snapdragon 430,therefore it should not heat but it is actually. Please fix it. Optimize it as soon as possible.

-Haven’t used it. And it seems like it is mandatory to give ratings before the app even opens up. By the way, I downloaded it three times and it still won’t open. So I just wanted to see if I give 5 stars would it be responsive then.

-Improve home page. Bring multiple language songs in home page. What I mean is that you should let us select multiple languages at once. And work on the ” genere and mood”. Add moods like happy ,party, sad, heart broken, determined etcetera. Pretty poor app in these aspects.

-The recent update has been horrific. I have been not able to start this app and only. The Jio music home ui appears and the app hangs along with my phone. Please sort this issue out to score good on reviews.

-It’s been more than a year since the app was released, still there is no improvement.By each update the app is becoming more and more irresponsive now the app frequently crashes and still no updates have come to fix it. The developers are simply ignoring everything

-This app needs lots of improvement 1. In offline mode suffeling of music is not occuring , same song repeats 3-4 times. 2. Battery consumption is too High. 3. Interface is too laggy These are the things which you need to improve.

-I like this app as this app is free… but I am facing a problem, I don’t know anybody is facing that type of problem or not… the problem is when I want to download any song first they r showing downloading then saying “unable to download at this moment. pls try again later” I just try to download and for each and every song they r showing me this… pls hlp me out… what is the problem..and for hindi songs apart from downloading there is no problem but for English song the full song is not loading

-Awesome app. I am using this app since an year. But need to fix one and only bug is ” “suddenly stopped” ” Suddenly exits from background. We need to open app and again need to start play. I’ve seen so many times updated. But till now the bug not fixed yet.

-Battery darining issue… Yesterday I searched for a song of golmaal…. Played it for 15 seconds and then just stopped the song… After sometime I saw the battery graph… Jio music consumed the second highest app… Do something for that… Uninstalled it immediately

-The app is great overall but need to work on stability. The experience of the app on iPhone 6 is much better. On my S6edge, seeking operation lags, a few downloaded songs won’t play, or stop in between while playing.

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