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Jio Media Ware X, Plugin to enhance video stream

By Reliance Industries Ltd.

App Category : Video Players & Editors

JioMediaWareX is a middleware (background service) that enhances content-delivery functionality of Jio apps.

JioMediaWareX App

JioMediaWareX App

Why to Use:

1. Based on cutting-edge LTE-Broadcast (eMBMS) technology, the first in India
2. Automatically improves content-delivery efficiency
3. A smoother streaming experience for Jio users

How to Use:

1. JioMediaWareX is currently required only on selected Android devices, automatically discovered by the app.
2. Just download/update the latest version of your JioTV app.
3. If JioTV app discovers that your Android device is compatible, then it will intelligently instruct you to install JioMediaWareX
4. Once JioMediaWareX is installed, launch your JioTV app, setup a few permissions, and now you’re good to go!

*For non-compatible Android devices, there is no need to download JioMediaWareX.

More Information:

JioMediaWareX is used directly by the JioTV app to bring you a smoother, seamless streaming experience. JioTV integrates the JioMediaWareX component (which runs in the background), for buffer-free viewing of the most watched content.

The power of JioMediaWareX ensures you get to view your favorite stream seamlessly, even if millions of others are watching it at the same time.
No congestion, no more buffering.

* JioMediaWareX is based on the groundbreaking LTE-Broadcast (eMBMS) technology.


* Exclusively available for Jio 4G subscribers
* Currently compatible with only selected Android mobile devices, new models being added daily.
*Selected JioTV content enabled with JioMediaWareX, for a smoother experience.
*Selected JioTV content running on JioMediaWareX is optimized for “live” view , i.e. no pause/forward/back for this content.


Download Jio Media Ware X App:-

Download Jio Media Ware X App



User Reviews:-

-Step to set up Jio TV app with JioMediaware app and the compatible android devices not mentioned in app description. Hence unable to use it and uninstalling it.

-It’s Very excellent app solve my buffering problem.. Thanks jio i love it

-Yaar jio tv hi theek hai ye faltu ka app kyon chipka Diya hai na to ismeim rewind horaha hai na hi forward horaha hai kyon dimag ka dahi kar rahe ho yaar mein to jio tv isliye rakha that kyon ki ismein kisi bhi date ka serial dekh sakte hai per ab to na ye forward horaha hai na back

-Please fix the error my JioTv unnecessarily closing.Not able to watch the WC😡

-This is really some good stuff.. It has enhanced my watching experience to great extent streaming HD content seamlessly.. Awesome work Jio team

-I think Jiotv By default is 45 to 50 seconds late from the Tv or dth on the same channel.I dont know about others but i started using Jiotv only today,first time, because of the football worldcup and i didnt wanna miss even when i have to go use the bathroom.Good job.Its free people so stop complaining.

-Best .my jio tv working fine in weak network erea

-So far , this app is performing fine . I haven’t experienced any problems mentioned in the comments by othe users .

-Really it’s works on my Lenovo K4 Note Marshmallows.. Very fine.. Speed is getting improved on JioTV then before.

-It’s only buffering always rarely plays video you should make a lot of improvements to make it good app to stream

-One of the best helping aap jio has ever made.i was forced to install and now i can watch smoothly.eirlier to installing this app i cant watch even foe a minute without buffering

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