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Google Drive App

by Google LLC


Google Drive is a safe place for all your files and puts them within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Files in Drive – like your videos, photos, and documents – are backed up safely so you can’t lose them. Once there, you can easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

Google Drive app

Google Drive app


With Drive, you can:

– Safely store your files and access them from anywhere.
– Search for files by name and content.
– Easily share files and folders with others.
– Quickly view your content.
– Set access levels for who can view, comment, or edit.
– Quickly access recent files.
– See file details and activity.
– Enable viewing of files offline.
– Use your device camera to scan in paper documents.
– Access pictures and videos from Google Photos.



Download Google Drive from Play Store:-

Download Google Drive


User Reviews:-

-This has saved me from losing all is my photos when I’ve lost or broken my phone on several occasions. I also love how I can organize my photos into folders easily and I feel safe knowing my pictures are secure FOREVER! Not to mention the files I can create, organize & save. Amazing app- so much better than cloud 🙂

-Wth happened to Drive? Can no longer add Anything, just sits and says”upload pending” and “no connection” when I clearly have a strong connection. You go any file and it’s says it’s invalid. All but a dozen pics show (out of 20,00p +)on the app I have to access the browser version which has all the photos and all, but cannot upload anything using the browser Drive. This has been going on for at least 3 months, Google should have remedied this problem by now.

-I do not trust Google they intrude on your privacy they can deny it but the big picture is who actually overseas Google in their presence Very dangerous watch everyone out their research who oversees Google Everyone out there do research in you will find it is very hard to find the truth Think about it very scary knowing everything you do whether it be mobile or on your PC Not to be trusted

-Drive does A Great job at keeping my stuff safe so that in to keep all in order and synced across all devices! Plus free online storage. Perfect but I can’t find ANY OF my Recent saves?! 🤔😔 ~

-I have been Uploading my pictures into my google drive,after uploading 400 pictures it keep saying “Waiting for upload”😠😡its stuck

-One place for everything. Works exactly like it should without any issues for me. The only cloud solution I use.

-Why does downloading for offline use take phone’s space? I thought the whole idea of having one is to save the phone’s space? It doesn’t make sense!?

-I am trying to login to drive but always showing you are not connected to network etc. There is alot of my data in it . Kindly tell me how i can login to one drive. I’ll be waiting for your response.

-Started not working and continuously gives error message. 2 restarts and 1 shut down of phone.

-Tools that we all need, and most importantly, tools that work.

-On my Lenovo A2010 (on my other devices it works perfectly so 2 stars instead of 1)I can’t open anything at all. It just crashes with the error: Sorry! Drive has stopped unexpectedly. Please fix this and I’ll rate 5 stars. EDIT: Thx for hearing me! Rated 5 stars as promised

-Why does the download button open a worse version of what you’re looking at and then makes you open a second menu to actually download? And if you say ‘hurr durr that’s not the download button’ I just want you to know that you shouldn’t use the arrow pointing down at a line as an icon for it, because that usually means download. But you already know that, since you use it for that in the second menu

-Until I get decent help from Google, because they have a nonexistent customer service and an atrocious help center, this app gets a 1. Sadly, I can’t give it a 0. My phone’s backup and many of my files are missing and I’m paying for extra space on top of that. Sincerely thinking of converting to iOS and I was always an Android person, because I love HTC.

-Storage quota hasn’t updated in days Even after deleting quite a few gigs worth of stuff. Kinda need to be able to add stuff to the drive. This is ridiculous

-This has been the most efficient way for me to do a number of things that would otherwise take me all day to accomplish–like seamlessly setting up a new device! What a great tool for storage, & automatic back up.

-I have been doing Uber eats just for few days but every day I had canceled trips to restaurants, no because I wanted,the app gives me wrong address taking me to a residential areas where there aren’t the restaurants, that should be correct, nobody pay the long wasted miles, gas and time.

-Great for storage and very useful, But very unstable. Whenever I try tomopen an animstion or a gif the app crashes. Other than this, it’s great for storing across devices.

-Very good useful app. Before this my internal memory phone lagging, with this app all my worries are gone. Download it now for the better of your phone. 😁👍 Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

-Great app but doesn’t feel secure here.. Very big problem is the secret photo’s here showed on goggle photos app unwanted

-Love the fact that i can store all my photos here leaving me with more storage space. However, i don’t have wifi therefore the app is sitting rather dormant but does what it says it does & saves space. I don’t live near free wifi areas & forget bcos it ain’t a normal practice of mine. Is there a chance Internet updates can occur as well? Such a pain & inconvenience overall😧Sori guys☕🍰 rating Team a 5* rating bcz i am new to the use of the app & still sussn it out. Update you later on…

-I wanted to share 2 files l, I copied links and it just gave me 2 differebt links for the same file, link was fixed after I disable link sharing and enable again. Please fix.

-Lg’s from setting “move to google drive” results in lost files if the upload does not or is not allowed to complete!!! This app overwites the ‘freed’ internal flash memory instantly with other uploads in progress and gives impression (“incomplete upload” status instead of “uploading!”) of being stalled. I want those files back!!!

-I’ve been having this app for a year and it was working fine until today for some reason it keeps telling me “this app has stopped” and I thought resetting the app would work and it didn’t do I deleted it and download it again and its still saying it has stopped so if you fix that I will give you five stars

-Could you please brother telling me why there is a separate app for viewing all the documents and a hundred more apps to edit them? Please try to make this app self sustainable in such a manner that we don’t need to download any extra app in order to edit a document.

-I keep having a problem where I’ll upload something from my computer to drive, but then it’ll take hours for it to show up on the app, no matter how much I refresh.

-can I have my money back and my data currently backing up google photos to Google drive on a pixel .5 gb of photos somehow costing me almost 1.5 gigs in mobile data stop the data theft google painfully slow backup can not backup videos over network 180 mb of a 1.4 GB video is all that uploaded yet cost me 1.3 gb of data sort this mess out

-I like it butt his not give me a promotion. Coz I Have. LG. Phone. This company. Gives my Husband 200 GB space why dont give me

-1.Uploading should directly from mobile data, every time has to press resume…we don’t want to wait for WiFi… it’s Jio digital life😎 2.Should have app lock feature..

-I love being able to store PDF articles in google(s) drive! Most of mine are of great importance!! To me ☺👍

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