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Elevate – Brain Training Games
By Elevate Labs

App Category :- Education

** Selected by Google as Editors’ Choice and downloaded more than 15 million times worldwide. **
Elevate is a brain training program designed to improve attention, speaking skills, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. Each person is provided with his or her own personalized training program that adjusts over time to maximize results.

The more you train with Elevate, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills that are designed to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. Users who train at least 3 times per week have reported dramatic gains and increased confidence.

Elevate - Brain Training App

Elevate – Brain Training App


* 35+ brain games for critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension
* Detailed performance tracking
* Personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need most
* Adaptive difficulty progression to ensure your experience is challenging
* Workout calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated
* And more!


“Elevate comes out ahead” in the battle of the brain training apps.

Wall Street Journal
Compared with other brain games, “I prefer Elevate the most.”

Washington Post
Elevate is a “cognitive pick-me-up” with games that are “good for mental breaks throughout the workday.”


Elevate’s brain games are designed in collaboration with experts in education and are based on proven educational techniques. Elevate’s brain training algorithms draw from cognitive research in attention and memory studies to develop a personalized training program for each user.

Download Elevate – Brain Training Games from Play Store:-

Download Elevate – Brain Training Games from Play Store



User Reviews:-

Tamara Diez
I wasn’t sure at the begging if this app was for me. I’m not an English native speaker and I feel that this app will really help me to improve many aspects of the language. However I find the price a bit too high and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue with it after the free trial. But I have to admit that a) they have quality content and b) the ux is very good. I miss a different content maybe related with other disciplines but I’m sure this will come with the time. If this team developed other apps similar to this I’m sure I’ll at least try them.

App User
This app is truly awesome. I was always above average in school… but after having a baby and dropping out of college I frequently worry about losing my “book smarts”. I can actually *feel* a difference (seriously) when playing these games- it is great to use my brain again, as weird as that sounds. Thanks Elevate. You have drastically exceeded my expectations.

martha humphreys
The market is flooded with brain games and I’ve tried them all,enjoyed them,too. This is the one I do daily,and bought for my husband,too.Two years later, still useful!

Filip Reitema
I’m only a few days in but so far there is entertainment value AND incentive to concentrate and commit time and effort. I like the way the app shows tips and ways to handle questions better, and not only the ones you didn’t get right. Well worth it so far!

App User
I love the variety of games it offers. Not only are they super addictive and fun, bun it’s very evident the benefits they have on the brain. I definitely feel smarter from playing Elevate and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their reading, writing, comprehension, and math skills.

App User
Does not obey the phone’s timezone settings for daily challenges. Liked lumosity’s approach to daily session.
Elevate LabsJune 20, 2018
The daily training session ends at midnight. It doesn’t matter which time zone you are in if it’s midnight the daily training session will end and the next training session will begin. If you have questions about this please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Jade Darr
The only way to even try any of the app is to sign up for a 7 day trial that charges you $40 after. if you only want to pay a month at a time there is also no trial option at all

Charlotte Grillot
Great content, definitely felt like it’s helped with memory and processing speed. I only wish it was a little less expensive so I could sign up for the year!

Tracy Arant
I felt stupid at first, then better saviour my misses. It has helped me increase my math skills.

I LOVE THIS GAME but I will be very sad when my trial ends

Alex Sandoval
It’s good to be back in business! I mean in training. The perfect companion to keep your brain in shape!

Kawika Lo
It’s not a free app. In-app purchases is not that same as $3.99 per month/year. Its bs.

Morgan Douglas
Above and beyond what I was looking for in a brain training app.

yotta km
Great app a bit laggy tho

Justin Tucker
Nice app. Helped my reading a lot. Fixed issue with card same day.

Amanda Cochron
Challenging and fun!

Anuj Pathak
A great brain workout! 👍

Nuptial Binder
Indeed it enhances brain performance. Keep improving…

App User
Awesome games, great price!

Carl Johnson
Great app… wish it was truly free.

Sriram E
Nice app and pleasing visuals ..

This app is badass

Frederick Feudo
love it

Durgesh Pandey
I am not a game person but fell for this Mind game app. I have been using this only since three days but already find it exemplary and Outstanding. I am already contemplating buying but for the steep price. At INR 2500/- its expensive by Indian Standard. Would love if had the monthly payment option though(Save annual commitment) Anyways great app… Would definitely help you grow….

Baron Denniston
I find the graphics impressive, details of the benefits if doing each exercise comprehensive, & the training exercises themselves to be effective & (for me at least) challenging. Most other supposedly brain training games are actually just micro-games. You don’t really imrpove upon you lr mental fitness unless you use a great app as such

Elia Flink
This is a goldmine. I rarely, if never, play games on my phone. But this game made me addicted from the start. It’s a fun game that keeps your brain stimulated while simultaneously making you learn a lot! It’s also a highly developed game with a flawless design. Looks can be deceiving, but this ain’t. 👀

Jason Huang
It uses very creative games to engage viewers. I love the games, and I’d personally say that it never gets boring! I have only had it for a few days, but this app really got me hooked! I except that this app with be very useful for me and I recommend it for those who struggle in some subjects!! 😇😇🤣🤣😊😊

Crerar Christie
Hmmm, I’m at the upper end of elite. Every time I get excellent on a game, my score goes up by a point or two. If I slip on just one problem I get tens of points off? Ok, now got a “Great” and it’s deducting points… “Excellent” next !?!?

Tendai m
Converts to pro without asking and before trial period is over: app seemed to be great. I signed up for 14 day trial and on day 13 a transaction went off my account for the full amount of the pro version. There was no confirmation or request to either convert the trial into pro version or stop using it. I dont think this is ethical at all and I would like my money back. It says trial is valid until 17 june but the transaction has already gone off my account.

App User
Despicable. Advertised as a “free” app, but after the first 2 minutes of using the app, you are informed that to actually continue using the app you must pay a $40 subscription fee. The publishers have responded to a multitude of people’s reviews suggesting to use the “free version” of the app, but there isn’t such a thing. There is only a “free trial” of the paid subscription. Better to advertise this as a paid app up front than to use shoddy business practice and try to trick people and waste their time. Only gave it one star because I can’t give zero.
Elevate LabsJune 19, 2018
Please contact us at if you need help accessing the free version of the app. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

I am into day 3 of using this app and I hope that it continues to deliver new and well designed exercises. We’ll polished and appealing interface. No random adds and I would probably pay a few dollars for a pro version of the app but unfortunately it is based on a subscription service

Hope Fidder
Love the games and love seeing my progress. I just wish once I’ve mastered them, there was an expert level. Before my injury I was high functioning intellectually, so my perceived “normal” is higher than average. I’d like to improve more than just okay

Sarah Baker
It’s really nice to have if you just want to train your brain to do better in things. Like, if you get it wrong it will tell you WHY it’s wrong and the correct answer. They’re quick and fun to do, and I recommend the use of this.

Brittany Alkire
I’ve had issues from a traumatic brain injury and this really helps me in trying to restore my condition to a place where I don’t feel so sluggish anymore. Seriously, you guys are life savers…

Savindu Sihilel
⭐Sihilel’s Choice⭐ On my 51 days streak of Elevate, I thought I should say some more. Elevate is the best app so far, to shape your potential. There’s a genius hidden inside each one of you. Elevate will help you to find out your genius. I really appreciate app’s design. Developers have prepaired each game/training with a creative visual presentation. Which makes training less boring and more interesting. Over the time I have developed a good vocabulary and increased the speed of mental calculations. And I can read faster. So I make Elevate, a Sihilel’s Choice.

Mr. Variant
I enjoy that they regularly add new content to train your brain and the stories’ fun facts educate a little while you memorize faster. Loads quickly too. Edit: as of 6/2018 they’re not really adding new games and you are better off playing Sudoku for math (Sudoku quest is awesome) and reading books. Synthesis got stale fast (had Gandhi, Houdini and Gutenberg multiple times for the same stories within 2 months; they said they had 32 people) and online only with downloading stuff is a waste of time in this day. Maybe try a month or if it on sale, but we have better alternatives in 2018 than when I reviewed in 2016. I would also say reading on Instagram is a form of brain training with comics and such too. Just stimulate your mind every day without having to wait and pray the randomizer doesn’t repeat itself.

Conner Kisiel
Great for continued learning & brain functioning. Biggest downfall is their point system for tracking performance. If you miss 1 piece of a puzzle but do well everywhere else, your score will reflect a massive failure.

JoJo Poppy
This is such a fun app! I really love the daily training. I do it every morning to help my brain wake up and then I play the games every now and then throughout the day. It’s very fun!

Tracey Mac
Good app. The games help you brush up on things you’ve forgotten and learn new things. I would recommend it to anyone one 20 and up who’d like to keep their mind active.

Rahul Sahu
this is very nice app. Only thing that’s missing and hence 4 star is, once daily tasks are completed you have only one of the games to play. It would be great if one game in each category is available to practice more for the people who want to.

Kathryn Spencer
This app used to be a lot better. It helped with reading speed and other things outside of your daily games. I’m uninstalling it because now it is no different than Lumosity

Audrey Bailey
I love this app, it is super helpful during the summer to keep my brain thinking. I would highly recomend it. It has great games and ways of making boring stuff fun!

Nichole Bourne
Free app and it doesn’t let you continue if you dont get the free trial. That’s ridiculous! So if they change that perhaps it could be more fun.

Deane Tomlin
I’ve been loving this app. The daily challenges are addictive and I find myself practicing to earn higher epq. I’m reading faster and I’ve learned new strategies for maths. Also more aware of redundancy when writing.

Nancy Groce
This game came is challenging and at the same time a lot of fun. My husband and I have challenges to see who does better in any given game. One of my favorites.

David Collins
Fun app, but upgrading to pro has only resulted in a 40 USD charge and a “failed to connect to Google Play” message. Not happy. Giving it a couple hours, then disputing the charge. Not paying 40 for nothing.

Cait K
It has interesting games that are fun to play and track your progress. I’m doubtful that it will do as they claim, make you more intelligent or efficient in other area of your life, other than the game a you play. There is no research to prove that at this point. But it is at least testing my memory as math skills in the games they have.

Jana Indiana
There used to be an old version that allowed you to use it free any time. But now it requires you to sign up and input a payment method and only allows you to use the 14 day trial

Vivek Mehto
It’s too costly. You sholud first give some trial

Raj Tailor
Just started playing and it’s really engaging and a good thing to do when waiting for an oil change which is what I’m doing right now. Great app!

App User
Elevate is fun and helpful for me. However, these games are not the best way to get better at reading, writing, speaking, and volcabulary. I suggest looking at some of Stephen Krashen’s research.

Paul Twilley
A real brain workout, the challenges change everyday and take in a whole range of subjects to help you to learn and grow. Fantastic

Nina Faustino
I love this app. The games don’t take to long and its fun. Had an issue with the app and emailed the feedback. They helped me fix ths issue very quickly.

Chris Fuentes
This app is challenges you to get better at reading, writing, math and memorization. It’s a good way to exercise your brain.

Zosia Chmiel
Excellent game to learn better English in a very wholesome meaning of this word. Interactive design all the way, progressive stats, and beautiful layouts of this games just add cherry on the top. Worth paying full subscription to unlock more brain developing games. I have learnt hell of a lot!

Alexander Genaud
Starts out ok but then immediately asks for purchases, don’t even know how the app works. Might be awesome, but a bit more teaser maybe. Anyway, lost one potential customer.

Daniel Paatero
Nice app, only problem is that if you aren’t willing to pay for the full version, you will have a far more limited experience

Angel hassell
I wish this app had cheaper plans. Like instead of 40 bucks for a year. Like 20 bucks for 6 months, or 10 bucks for 3 months and ECT…. So when my free trial is up on the 27th or the 28th. I will be looking for a relevant app that is free or cheaper plans. I wish this app had different monthly plans though. I really LOVE it. That’s why the 4 stars.

Loteria Warren
The quick tutorial in the beginning seemed challenging and fun but I have bills I don’t waste money on games so when the 40$ a year popped up I uninstalled because I’m cheap 😒

Dhruvesh Patel
I cancelled my subscription before the end of the trial period. Despite that I was charged the full amount even before the end of my trial period! And most frustrating part is, the transaction doesn’t show up in the google play but it is clearly visible in my bank account statement.

L Boogie
Love the game. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay an annual fee to have access to all games. Other than they, they give 5 a day to work on and you can continue to use those throughout the day until tomorrow when you receive a new set

Rajshree Dige
How to get in the app? As there is only free trial screen appearing after I open the app. Please help!

Jennifer Luff
Various exercises to keep the mind sharp. Great leveling up and goal setting! I tutor students for the SAT and ACT and recommend this all the time.

App User
I look forward each day to complete the challenges under each section. Very fun app.

Aleli Vazquez
I really enjoy this app, im using it as a free costumer. I hope this app helps me to improve my math skills and well as comprehension

Brenda Williams
This app is great for keeping your brain working and staying fresh. The content is awesome and you can actually learn a thing or two.

Jenn Blosser
Wish I had access to more for free but I like that I can unlock things by playing consecutively
Elevate LabsJune 12, 2018
Hi, Jenn! Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be happy to consider your request to expand the free version of the App!

Undying D
It is a cool thing! It also makes you more disciplined, and I use some principles of this app in other activities and learning. Thank you!

Tom Knackstedt
Because you can’t try the app without signing up for a $40 annual subscription, it’s impossible to know if the app has any benefit at all.

Nikki Rhodes
This app makes exercising my brain fun, challenging, and educational. I like the performance tracking and ranking systems… fuels the competitive fire and desire for self-improvement.

Brandy Ngo
Elevate reminds me of past learning, which I had forgotten due to lack of use.

Slava Lovkiy
Excellent for keeping grey matter active, intuitive user interface, great stats. The only suggest would be to make more study materials dynamic, adjusted based on your level.

App User
Seems Ok but the repeated intro with every opening is too annoying, uninstalled.

Subhabrata Saha
I am not able to play the game without entering the payment details.

Dustin Crouch
Very well made and fun to play! It has helped improve my skills and I have only been using it for a week. Watch out — it’s addicting!

App User
I have heard such good reviews about this app. But I can’t get in. There is no X sign in the upper left corner of the trial page 😭😭

Andrew Clarke
Would love to know why the app is trying to charge me twice for the subscription . I agreed to the 30.99 a month sub at the start of the trial.. and now wants to charge me ANOTHER 38.99 for the year.

Lucy R.
It’s a wonderful way to learn new vocabulary, read faster and accurately while you play. The appearance of the game is also so attractive

Erik Alaniz
I’m just not good against the clock apparently

Ok app, I guess. But it doesnt tell you that you have to pay $13.99 a month for it…

Cristina Patterson
This App rejuvenates curiosity for learning. Provides feedback helpful to better understanding.

lolo girl123
I look forward to playing this first thing in the morning

Happi Smile
It judges you by if you get everything right

Ricardo Chaves
I have used Elevate as part of my preparation to English learning exam. It has been a very useful tool. Highly recommend

App User
the app is free but using it is paid you could have just made a paid app rather.

Q. Jackson
Really great brain exercises. The app is very well made. I wish I could see friends scores not via social media.

K Barrillea
Really enjoying the challenges and refreshers in English and math. I like the daily performance tests.

Qwéèñ Lûçy
I love this app, keep my brain going! I’m trying to get my boyfriend to use it as well, wish me luck lol.

Allison Canaday
Actually a really fun game and it’s really helping me with my basic math skills. I’ll probably pay for it to help prepare for the GRE.

Kathy Barnes
Great brain exercise, taking only a few minutes daily, it’s fun and Iearn new things. Winner!

App User
This game really challenges the intellectual muscle

App User
I’m thoroughly enjoying this app and now I’m addicted to my daily brain workouts!

Liz Bendezu
I’ve been using the app for 2+ years, its helped improve my memory and speed. Strongly recommend it

Tamara Kennedy
THIS APP DOES NOT DISAPPOINT BRILLIANT FROM INSTALL TO MONTHS LATER NO SPAM NO ADS NO WEIRD GLITCHES THIS IS AN APP THAT IS A WEALTH OF USEFUL INVALUABLE TRAINING THAT IS SO FUN AND TRULY SHOCKING IMMEDIATE RESULTS YOU CAN SEE RIGHT AWAY. Every single game activity stimulates and tunes up a specific brain function improving the entire thinking process ; Math, reading, grammar, speed reading lessons, root word training to increase vocabulary, speech giving and writing techniques, flash cards for studying oh a host of really cool math tricks to cut down problem solving time. After one week my family all yelled WHAT? HOW DID YOU DO THAT? NO WAY hands on their heads in disbelief at how in seconds I had solved a math problem and then again while watching the news when someone asked a question I recalled the names and facts in entirety accurately two other people sitting next to me said OH MY GOD HOW DID YOU REMEMBER ALL OF THAT IT WAS SO FAST THAT IS SCARY HOW DID YOU DO THAT? I cannot praise this app enough I am blown away I play it every day because it’s so much fun and I’ve told everyone who asks and even those who don’t..ELEVATE IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE MOST BENEFICIAL LIFE IMPROVEMENT APP MOST FUN GAME I LAUGH BECAUSE IT’S LEARNING BUT MADE SO ENGAGING YOU ARE EXCITED TO PLAY YOU LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT NEW ACTIVITY ARE YOU GOING TO BE GIVEN TODAY. IT IS NOT REPETATIVE LIMITED OR BORING IT IS BOUNDLESS AND YOU LAUGH AND HAVE FUN EVERYONE AROUND YOU WILL BE LEANING OVER YOUR SHOULDERS TO PLAY ALONG. THIS IS THE ONLY APP I PLAY EVERY DAY BECAUSE WELL YOU GET ELEVATE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. Increase reaction time to solve anything that comes your way; measurements, currency approximation, memory association and are introduced to 4 people who have careers and certain talents and fuctions you are timed to accurately recall their name , their career and fun facts about each person. The games are fast and so much fun. Elevate gives you study games and tests you can take if you are curous about how fast you currently read and teaches training to reteach your brain to remove barriers you had no idea were slowing you down. I went from 350 to 550 words per minute instantly!!. This app gives ; bonus tips for becoming a more engaging writer ,games to broaden your vocabulary, raises your ability to recall important details. The quicker and more accurately you submit your answers the more points you earn, as well as lives. The points earned go towards unlocking new games. If you want to be an intelligent donkey then install this almost ad free app that is unlike any trainer or game you have ever played. ELEVATE developers you really did your homework, finally something good for us that is something we look forward to doing. I cannot compliment you enough or thank you enough for the improvements the instant results that have changed my life in such a profound way. I am teary eyed writing this and if i could hug you i would give you the tightest most sincere hug and tell you how grateful i am for such a life changing experience. You did an incredible well researched hassel free brilliant app. This would be invaluable to school kids university students teachers senior citizens to reduce or cease Alzheimer’s and dementia. Priceless, a must have, a never ever be without this app. I rated this app for free because Elevate has breathed new life into my entire outlook my everyday life everything has changed everything is brighter better my self esteem is through the roof my struggles to recall where I put something my struggle to recall names facts and even improved my everyday communication skills …I smile all day I am on point sharp as a tack and smart as a whip! Thank you so much.🙏💕

Ruslan Lazarev
The game “Detail – Writing” has got a headline in the middle of display so that I cannot read the text.

App User
Personally, I feel time on this app is time well spent. I love it.

App User
I find it enjoyable, if you make time in your day to complete the tasks you will find improvement in your literacy and numeracy level.

Jordan Brian
Love this app! The subscription unlocks more games and features, but totally playable without it. Beautiful design and fun.

Summarah Hampton
Fun, challenging, innovative. Great for when you need to take your mind off of things and still feel productive.

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