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CM Launcher 3D-Personalized, Secure, Efficient

By Cheetah Mobile Inc

🏆CM Launcher 3D, 4.6 high rating on Google Play!

With CM Launcher 3D you can get:

★More Personalized—10,000+ free 3D themes, 2D icon packs, live wallpapers and contacts themes to personalize your phone interface. 3D transition effects to redefine your stylish launcher.
★More Secure—Hide & lock apps protects your privacy.
★More Efficient—Quick search, intelligent app sorting and phone booster make your life more efficient.

🔥CM Launcher 3D is a slim, speedy, smooth and secure Android launcher!


CM Launcher 3D-Personalized, Secure, Efficient

CM Launcher 3D-Personalized, Secure, Efficient

Main Features

🏠Themes & Icon Pack Center
10,000+ 2D/3D themes (icon packs) are offered for your customization with different stylish menus, wallpapers, icons and contacts themes. Customize your home screen now! (Themes for Contacts module are only available on compatible Samsung & Google devices)

🔃3D Animation Effects
Powered by 3D animation engine with graphic effects, 3D themes and widgets, CM Launcher enables 3D transition, and will bring you a magic transition effects experience

👕3D Themes & Live Wallpapers
3D widgets, 3D themes and live wallpapers customize the default menu interface, make your Android launcher stylish. Here you can find 3D Fidget Spinner, 3D Wolf, Transparent Screen theme and other new 3D themes

👕Unity Themes & VR Themes
Install VR themes to feel new VR dynamic effects on screen. Play fun games on screen after applying game themes, e.g. 3D Christmas Pinballing theme

🔥Trending Themes
Lots of hot topic themes can be found in CM Launcher 3D, such as Hello Kitty theme, Shrek theme, Kung Fu Panda, Penguins of Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon & Monster vs. Aliens themes, etc.

🎨DIY Themes
Become a designer, change the UI on your Android launcher, DIY and beautify your own icon packs, themes and live wallpapers

🔐Hide & Lock Apps
Ensure security of your apps with CM Launcher. You can protect your privacy from intruder and hide & Lock apps in a special folder without rooting. Swipe to launch and unhide apps are easy to manage as well

Phone Booster
1 Tap Boost is provided to boost your phone for a faster and smoother experience

📂Smart App Manager
Automatically organize your apps into smart folders (app drawer) and batch manage applications to keep your menu tidy and organized

🔔Notification Reminder
It helps you access new messages (e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.) directly on screen

🔧Handy Toolbox
Flashlight, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, brightness and many more handy tools are at your disposal

Update:Cortana, the Microsoft’s intelligent digital assistant is available in CM Launcher 3D!
1. Voice input: for searching the web, translation and news.
2. Instant info: top headlines, restaurants nearby and daily itineraries.
3. Cross-device: connect and sync your SMS to your Windows 10 PC (Version 1703 or later).
Notes: Supported in certain countries only. Certain permissions and manual updates would be needed.



Download from Google Play Store:-

Download CM Launcher 3D App


User Reviews:-

-It was great for a while. Then the update supercharged the ADs. The ads pretty much hijack your phone. Using maps to get somewhere, stay tuned after this message. Trying to place an important phonecall, stay tuned after this message. Seriously annoying.

-Hey, I can’t set it up as default launcher. Every time it asks for permission the app crashes itself. Need help

-Update has messed this up. I paid for pro now have loads of Ads again..

-The only problem I have with this is there are too many ads

-Best launcher fast and easy to use .thanks cheetah mobile

-New update is giving me ads. I paid for the ad free version. Change me back please or refund my money Doesn’t work with the Google calendar, widget. And doesn’t let you add a website homepage shortcut. Makes the widget lag or freeze.

-Its pretty good i never rated because im to lazy but now i did is a beatiful app I recommend you downlow it

-Way to many ads app is cool but to have 3-4 ads show up as I start my phone to the point it’s glitches

-Its a good apps…it can clean and secure my phone…love it

-I like all the wallpapers when you turn it around 3D it’s so cool

-Great and easy to use and understand. I love it👏😁👍

-It’s amazing except the app is not on my lock screen so

-I mean, i liked it but i ended up hating that my “3D” puppy would keep on huging my screen. Althogh i still liked it a bit but i wanted to change my wallpaper to another one but it didnt let me change it.. so i uninStalled it.

-Its has good shortcuts like to disable data and lots of other things, um the ads a bot to often sometimes but we al gotta make a living somehow right. And 1 More thing I wish it took up less space or could transfer it to s.d. other than than that, GOOD OPTIONS

-One of the best app so far. Good features, infact it’s all in one. I love the morning, afternoon and evening messages it displays. They help. Am a lazy one to rate app, cos i see it as wasting of time, buh I just gotta rate this app nd it’s 5 star.

-I understand you have ads, but they interrupt my texts or pop up full page and i can’t exit out of them without clicking something on the page. Can you all please make the ads less invasive. I love this app I’d hate to have to uninstall

-Give us the TSF Shell back. This thing sucks. Mess up with my phone, all jumbled up. If possible I rate you with no star. Give me my TSF Shell back!!!!!!!!! I’ll still leave the original comment. Thanks for rectifying the issue.

-I downloaded it and it automatically made my screen different. I didn’t like he one it put me on so I deleted the app. I can’t get my old screen back. Thanks for ruining my phone.

-A little taken back that i paid for tsf 3d launcher and it now doesn’t work but is sending me here to download this whichbcontains ads. Not happy! Still, it does what it says. I will work it and come back.

-Can not uninstall from your phone, seems malicious to me. If you decide to uninstall the app you have to come back to it here. High battery usage and turns your phone into an open portal for ads

-Its aight! Good enough for me to use it. And I’m picky on what apps or launchers are on my phone.

-I love the wallpapers espically the 3d ones that to me is the best part, but there’s WAY TOO MANY AD’S! now there’s some tiny one that pops up from the middle of my screen at the worst time and im fed up of the DOUBLE screen lock i have to deal with a bunch of times some cases I have to swipe MORE then 3 times and sometimes this my phone to lag pretty bad but what annoys me the most is the ads theres too many. Once when i unlock my device, or if I turned it on and even when im on my home screen……

-It’s a great app I didn’t expect it to be so easy it’s beautiful and so far so good I’m very please that’s why I’m giving it a 5-star rating. 🙆😊

-I like it but there are way too many ads on it. If there was an option to turn them off or buy them it would be much better.

-I found out that the app will be very much worth the time downloading. Word of advice – keep updating app with modern and latest inventions

-I like all the features. especially the positive quotes.. didn’t know i would want them, in a few days i will get used to it and love it more

-It is a really brilliant app if u use it right. BTW dont change the icons cause u dont get the origional ones back

-I like it but way too many adds and my smart phone gets too many glitches. I downloaded it before and I deleted because way too many glitches but I like d wall papers

-It’s fine, but how do I change the effects when I’m swiping the screen? I can only see the effects settings for the folders and unfolding.

-It’s a good app that you can put or create any wallpaper you want for your phone .but the disadvantage is that you must to download wallpapers. Just try it !!

-It is the cutest and the best one put it has too much but has too much abs WAAAYYY TOO MUCH. Please stop the abs it is too much an breaking my phone like affect the system

-No longer creates shortcuts for new apps nor will it sort them. Also, website shortcuts will not appear on the home screen. They only seem to appear in the built-in launcher. Can you fix it or tell me how to fix it?

-I love it, but I had to reset my phone, I downloaded the app again and I couldn’t find that cute little cheetah pet. He was so cute! 😀

-It is a verry good app but i can not change the wallpaper because it says refreshing then it says i have to retry and never works. Please fix that

-So far so good with me. I feel like a Wakandan with futuristic tech.

-It’s OK but it keeps showing adds that I don’t like sometimes they even show something inappropriate.Pls help me to remove all this.Thank you.

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