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Ace Browser – Fast
by RadiumDev

Install this fast web browser to block annoying ads and pop-ups, and speed up browsing speed by 60%.
Only 4 MB, Ace Browser is a fast, private Android web browser with super fast browsing speed. It can effectively boost page loading speed and save your precious data, traffic by 60%.

Ace Browser is a fast web browser with manifold useful features including Flash Player, Speed Mode, Full Screen Mode, Incognito Mode, No Image Mode, Trending news and video, etc.

Key Features
✔ Fast browsing speed
Via preloading and data compression, this fast browser speeds up page loading speed by 60%. It can be even faster in Speed Mode and No Image Mode.
✔ Save page to read off-line
✔ Save data/traffic
This private browser compresses data to save precious MBs by up to 60%.
✔ Desktop Site Mode
Switch websites view between PC mode and mobile Mode. A very useful feature!
✔ Speed Mode
Load text before other files. This fast browser presents better experience in poorer internet.
✔ No Image Mode
✔ Incognito Mode
In Incognito Mode, users leave no history, cookies traces, cache, etc. Ace Browser is a 100% private web browser.
✔ Full Screen Mode
✔ Powerful search with in-page search
Get instant search results to your searches. In-page search helps you find what you need in website pages.
✔ Multi tab browser
✔ Night Mode
✔ Rich contents
This fast browser brings most trending news, videos. Never go out of date.
✔ Translation
✔ Customizable homepage

Download Ace Browser – Fast app:-

Download Ace Browser – Fast App (5.6 MB)



Install Ace Browser – Fast App from Play Store

User Reviews :

-Loveeee it superb! Very interesting! Browser to a whole new level!

-so far so good at least the app is working brilliantly thanks

-App is nice…. But what’s the use of points …. Can we use the points which we earned in any purpose

-like this app alot. the features work great and no glitches. 😀

-I super like this app!

-Its amazing app… i never seen…….. i loved it

-it blocks pop ups cause it has its own. it has a lock screen with no way to turn off. i needed a browser NOT a weather app or news app or cleaner. the bottom popup covers half the screen while the top bar takes up even more till i cant see what im looking for you took a good app and OVER built it and that takes away from good

-When I try it ace browser do work very fast I like it

-I think that it is a very good app but there are some defaults

-I didn’t think it would be this good.It’s fast and simple.
.-It’s very good app

-It’s not to give comments. Better to initially try and view it in the first place.

-Its really great app that what i think

-It’s good app and browser

-App is fine working but it can’t go to back to my mobile desktop , it harrassing me when I click back/exit/ return in my Moto E3 it still in this browser , please tell me how to exit from browser smoothly

-Browse faster, very nice and very useful, after a long time finding the app which is really working true.

-Awesome app worth downloading %100%

-Too much advt on home screne. Awful ..seems it has arranged for paid reviews to rate it good.

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